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tophat Juggle2k
Since: Oct '17
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Any suggestions for good AAMP in San Ramon

tophat lobesylobes
Since: Feb '15
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I would be very interested in this as well, or anywhere east bay...emeryville or San Ramon, walnut creek, concord.  

tophat hobry411
Since: Nov '16
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Emeryville for sure. CV has a ton of them. I wouldn't hold my breath for the tri valley area though. 220 houses that is.

tophat looksyounger
Since: Aug '15
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2 or 3 orgs run the 580/680 corridor - every 10 days the Hearts/Roses move on - you will find their contact info on BP - mostly it is a skinny Asian Heart/Rose that provides a covered experience - every once in a while a bbbj is offered - vary rarely do you receive bbfs - 120/hh is the standard rate - when you find the Tits-on-a-Stick that provides you with all that you are looking for then you break the bank for her 10 day run ...

tophat lobesylobes
Since: Feb '15
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I used to frequent the 220 houses im emeryville but lately I have not been able to get in.  I am half black.  It seems to me it varies on whether they can accept me based on the girl I guess. Some numbers don't even return my texts.  It's frustrating because its a great experience and it seems like some of the brothas may have ruined it for guys like me.