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tophat Gooseman
Since: Oct '16
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Is it safer (from a getting busted perspective) to visit a sf amp (the cities seem to tolerate/put up with them, some have been around for years) or an amp in some smaller south Bay Area cities (for example - milpitas, Fremont, Sunnyvale, mountain view, etc



tophat shadowworlds
Since: Jan '15
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To date i have never heard of any guys getting arresting at any amps. Is not against the law yet to get a massage.


tophat Genki
Since: Mar '17
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I believe you take your chances wherever you go.

You can never tell when and where they decide to stop by and surprise everyone!


tophat Punterman
Since: Aug '17
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I think your odds are the same regardless of where you go. I'm on and off throughout the years going to these places, so far I've never been there when an inspection has happened.

Actually just coming back from off again from a long stretch after RB went away. Figured I'd finally pop my head up ;)

I will say if I were at a place when it had an inspection happen I'd probably freak out considering how anxious I can be about that lol

tophat stuttermanben
Since: Jan '16
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brother G yes we can. if we go when inspector walsh is on vacation off the coast of thailand, the chance of getting busted while in a massage parlor in frisco is reduced dramatically.

tophat mangonine
Since: Feb '16
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Indeed, wasn't there a story a couple of years ago about a City official (maybe even the mayor?) in San Francisco who joined an "inspection" along with a press and walked in on a guy getting his equipment polished?  I don't remember what happened to the John but I'm sure it wasn't good.

Also there are places that don't have buzz-to-enter doors and no one upfront full time hence LEO can easily walk right in and immediately start opening doors. I've heard of a guy who had that happen to him during a trafficking inspection.  Only a massage was in progress for him - he was questioned for a bit and had his info taken down.  That said there is a place I go to that is strictly legit hot tubs / sauna and CMT only that has a) buzz to enter front door to keep riff-raff street bums out, and b) latches on all doors to stop people barging into the wrong room.  So I think it isn't necessarily a sign of anything sketchy going on if a places has both buzz to enter and locks on rooms.

Mind you a latch on a room would not hold up to a forced entry effort by energetic officer - but I'm thinking sound doors being smashed in would alert other Johns to flip-n-cover, and masseuses to cover up. Even if you cover up hopefully there isn't any other hard to explain incriminating evidence in the room...

tophat Punterman
Since: Aug '17
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It was in fact the mayor to my understanding! I know this article is old but it mentioned that even 2 years later the place was still open.

Probably not anymore thought considering this was in 2009.