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rose Montaine
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Human trafficking and prostitution sting focused on local santa cruz massage therapy parlors.

The operation was spurned by complaints and suspicions about illegal activities.

Lucky Valley health center at 827 Water St.
Asian Massage at 212 Fern St.
Health Care Massage at 223 River St
Golden Bay Spa at 551 Frederick St.
Four women were cited for soliciting an act of prostitution. They are Chinese Nationals  between 30-50 yrs old.

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seems to be a on going thing in all the cities.

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Thanks for the heads up, glad i have taken the month off from the rub and tugs :)

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Do you think the stings are 'cuz of the superbowl and trying to make our fine cities look squeaky clean?

 I'm sure the AAMPs are the most important problem facing the city.  Last time I was on Pacific Ave. I remember thinking to myself - I'd feel a lot safer if people weren't getting massages and handjobs.

I'm gonna hang out in beachflats at 2am now that those women have paid fines and are now unemployed - cuz it's so much safer :|

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Busting the AMP's is a conspiracy of the Independents and they are in cahoots with local LE.  

Well...It's a theory anyway.  

And if you take this seriously, consider the poster.


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rose Jewels
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I don't believe "they , L.E.", are  interested in the providers , both men and women, that are operating from safe, secure, local private ..

. It's the street runners and the noise makers. The Abuse on the streets is an ongoing problem that is only growing!! There are no vacancies in the woods . It's a sad reality for far too many Americans, and those seeking refuge. Compassion and care is all we all seek. So whenever possible, give generously. 

   As a community, all we can do is be informative of any kind of threat that may be lingering. Ask questions and pass Info along . We can watch each other's back. "All eyes on me" .

Be smart, safe and responsible!!


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You are so damn sexy jewels

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seems to be a on going thing in all the cities.


When you operate a storefront in a city that SURELY works to not want you there...this isnt a surprise.