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Can I use Uber/Lyft to cross the border?

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Can I use Uber/Lyft to cross the border?


I've never done it, but I imagine that you could as long as the driver is willing and has a U.S. Passport.  Uber is in Mexico, so you could take an Uber to the border in the U.S., walk across the border to Mexico, and then request another Uber in Mexico.  If you're heading into the U.S., the same option applies.  I don't think Lyft operates in Mexico yet.  

The last time I was in TJ, I used Uber to go from my hotel in Mexico to the U.S/Mexico border and then I walked across the border to the U.S.

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I'm not sure if any driver would want to subject themselves to that in the first place. They would likely need to already have Mexico car insurance purchased (it's necessary down there, trust me!) and unless they have SENTRI attached to their car they likely wouldn't want to have to then wait maybe an hour or two just to cross back into the US. That's a lot of time sitting instead of making new fares. 

So my guess is NO you won't get someone to actually drive you into Mexico via Lyft or Uber. But like the other guy said, just take an uber to the border, do the quick walk across, and you can then book an uber when in Mexico. The prices for uber rides down there are extremely cheap. Like $2 to go the same distance a $15 ride in US would be.

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Can I use Uber/Lyft to cross the border?

Whats the reasoning behind that? It would not go through the sentri lane if anyone would even do that and u need a Sentri card if the car could.

If you are concerned with safety... then take a uber to the crossing like others mentioned.. its at the end of the street when the trolly drop off is then you have to keep walking to what looks like an ally but there are police and many people around the area. 

To cross back yes you can get an uber to drop you off close to the ped crossing back usually at the roundabout area where all you have to do is walk down and wait in line or use senti/global entry card to go to the front of the line.

Make sure to take your passport/or card to cross back. DL will no longer work to easily cross back.