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Carmen parks her car in the darkened apartment complex parking lot and waits patiently.  It’s late enough in the early morning hours that the residents living in the complex shouldn’t be awake but rather fast sleep in their bedrooms.  She reaches under her seat and pulls out her leather pouch of tools for picking locks.  She takes out the small tools she needs for picking the door lock of her target.  She’s been watching him for some time, tracking his comings and goings.  He’s rumored to be the son of rich parents who passed away a few years ago and sitting on a lot of money.  Based on his whereabouts she’s been watching, he’s not home.  His car is not parked in the stall that is assigned to him.
After some time in the car she quietly slips out kneeling down in between the cars.  She’s dressed in a black skin tight body stocking with a hood to cover her face.  It’s sheer enough to partially see through the black material without revealing too much.  Carmen moves with cat like ability around the parking lot and next to the complex wall, hiding in the shadows.  Moving quickly out of the light to avoid detection she makes her way to the Target’s apartment.  She softly puts her ear next to the door to make sure does doesn’t hear movement inside.  When she’s satisfied she picks the lock and quickly opens the door and quietly stepping into the apartment.  She waits.  All is still and nothing moves inside the apartment, she did her homework no one is home. 
Carmen crouches down low to the floor moving quietly around in order to get to the only room in the apartment.  This is where she will find the hidden treasure she so desperately is looking for.  The door is half opened to the room.  Carmen peers inside, it’s the bedroom with an empty bed.  Still crouching she stalks inside the room and sees the closet door in the corner, bingo.  She moves towards the closet door not seeing the figure standing behind the door.  The figure moves with such stealth and quickness throwing a rope about Carmen’s neck before she can react startling her.  She instinctively grabs at the rope but the figure behind her pushes her down to the floor on her stomach.  Struggling to get free the figure moves on top of Carmen’s back pining her to the floor grabbing one of her arms and putting it behind her back.  Carmen continues to struggle and fight as the figure grabs her other arm and forcefully puts it behind her back as well.  Her hands are then bound and restrained.  She continues to fight to escape her captor with her arms retrained but it is of no use.  Her futile attempts are just wasting her energy.
The man, still on Carmen’s back moves down to her legs to restrain them from kicking him.  While doing so the figure pulls out an iron bar with ankle restraints on both ends and locks her ankles in place making any movement impossible.  Carmen begins to panic as she now cannot move both her arms and legs.  “Let me go you FUCK!” Carmen begins to scream out loud.  “Help me, help me!” she screams at the top of her lungs in an effort that hopefully someone will hear her cries and call the police.  As she continues to yell, her captor is prepared to counter her screams and places a ball gag in her mouth and tightens the leather straps around her neck holding the ball gag in place muffling Carmen’s cries for help.  She tries to scream even with the ball in her mouth be it’s to no avail. 
Her captor then leaves the room and out of sight for Carmen to see.  With that she tries to crouch in a ball in an effort to get her feet underneath her in order to stand up.  Just as she’s about to get her footing, her captor comes back into the room, carrying with him a small ladder, pushes her back down to the floor with his foot on her back.  The air is forced out of Carmen’s lungs as she grunts hitting the floor.     
He then opens up the small ladder and takes two steps up on it reaching for the ceiling, Carmen can’t see what he’s doing at first then as she struggles to turn on her side to get a better angle and she sees that’s he’s attaching some kind of strap contraption to large hooks secured to the ceiling.  After stepping off the ladder and moving it out of the way Carmen can fully see what it is.  A Sex Swing.  Her eyes open wider as the man grabs at Carmen’s arms and picks her up.  She begins to struggle but is unsuccessful as the man secures her into the sex swing.  As she is set in the swing, her back facing the floor, she is suspended perpendicularly in the air a couple of feet off the ground.  Her ankles secured by the bar are fastened directly to hooks on the ceiling so her whole body is held in place.  As she knows what’s to come next Carmen begins to shake violently in an effort to somehow break free from the swing, her head shaking in all directions.  The man bends down low and resurfaces up in the opening between her legs, she cannot move her legs to block him as they are held in place with the iron bar.  She tries to yell out “You fucking asshole!!!” but all that comes out is one long muffled sound.  In response to her trying to scream the man grabs at her throat gripping it tightly.  “Shut up you Bitch!” he growls at her.  With his free hand he gabs at her breasts, squeezing them and ripping at the sheer material of the body stocking to make direct contact with her soft skin.  Groping at her breasts the man laughs at her loud enough for Carmen to hear.
After a few moments with Carmen still struggling and grasping for air, the man releases his grip on her throat and breasts and moves his hands down to her nether region.  Carmen struggles harder as the man rips at her body stocking to get to the treasure between her legs.  Her captor unzips his pants pulling out his cock while spitting on his hand and rubbing the saliva on it in order to lubricate it.  Carmen screams out muffled cries trying to twist herself free as the man pushes himself inside her.  “Ohh yeah, that’s it you whore, take it all in,” he explains as he pushes himself inside her all the way to the base.  He grabs at her hips and pushes and retracts himself inside her very hard, his lower torso slapping against her thighs.  Her struggling while inside her excites the man even more as he continues to push and retract himself harder and harder.  After some moments he begins to moan as he orgasms, spewing his cum all inside Carmen. 
After he finishes, Carmen immediately stops struggling and lies quietly hanging in the swing above the floor.  Her captor quickly removes all of the restraints, gently lifting her out of the swing and placing her down at the foot of the bed.  He kneels down in front of her, just staring at her.         
Carmen, looking back at him for several moments, is the first to speak, “Wow John THAT was quick.  Didn’t you say something like if we did some role playing fantasy game you bragged about lasting all night?” she says sarcastically mocking him. 
“Now.  Wait…wait…wait.  Just a minute there Carmen.  You see, you never said you were going to be dressed in this,” John states pointing his fingers up and down at Carmen’s ripped body stocking.  “So you see had I been previously been informed in advance that you were going to wear only a sheer body stocking and nothing else I could have properly prepared myself accordingly.  However, since you did not communicate that to me in advance, I simple cannot be held to that standard.  So there.  And when you look at it, it’s actually your fault.  Your Honor, let the record show its Carmen’s fault.”  John replies admiring is rather eloquent rebuttal.
Carmen shaking her head slowly smirking at John, unimpressed with his response.  “Oh yeah,” she replies standing up in her ripped body stocking letting him admire his conquest, “Just you wait until the next time when we do this little dark game of ours and reverse the roles.” She continues to smirk back at John, then walking away to the bathroom for a shower gently slides her hand over his arm, caressing it as she passes him.
John, silent and still sitting on the floor alone after Carmen gets in the shower, lets his imagination run out of control thinking what Carmen has in store for him.  “Man, she knows me way too well showing up in that body stocking like that being my favorite and all,” thinking to himself feeling his chest starting to flutter in excitement.  His flaccid penis filling up with blood and coming back to life at the thought of their next role playing fantasy game.

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Well done - nicely  written

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Thank you for your support.

This story was posted just about a year ago.  I've been re-bumping the very first story I originally posted to this forum back in September 2016, titled "An Unexpected Meeting", in case anyone had missed that first story.