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Part 3 picks up right after the events of Part 2.  I originally planned to conclude this story in three parts however this Part 3 turned into something longer than so I broke it up further.  Enjoy.  Stay tuned for the concluding Part 4.

The night is quiet and cold as Ben leaves the office for the weekend.  His car is the last remaining in the parking lot as he quietly walks to his car reliving his experience from earlier in the evening with Stacy and her husband Mike.  Before he met Stacy he had been living the quiet life and very much in control of it.  Now it’s as if the pendulum has swung the opposite way and he’s no long in control.  He never would have imagined himself sharing a woman with another man at the same time.  He can still feel the sensation of Mike’s penis pushing into Stacy’s ass as he was inside her pussy.  His mind suddenly wonders and his imagination runs away wild as he fantasies what the sensation would be like if both he and Mike penetrated Stacy’s pussy at the same time rubbing their cocks together inside her orifice.  Surprisingly he finds himself not that turned off by the idea, it’s more the fact that they would be stretching out Stacy that’s paramount.  The drive home gives him more opportunities to fantasize about different and exciting experiences to try out with either Stacy, with and without Mike.        
Monday morning rolls around and Ben is the first to arrive to the office.  Over the weekend he began to rehearsing what his first conversations with Stacy would be like after having the threesome on Friday night.  Now at the office he continues to rehearse what he will say and anticipate what she will say. 
Stacy finally arrives to the office and drops off her bag at her desk and heads to Ben’s office.  She softly knocks on his opened door.  “Can we talk?” she asks as Ben looks up at her.  “Yes of course, come on in,” Ben replies attentively looking at her.  “How are you doing?” Stacy starts off and Ben takes a minute to ponder the question before responding.  “I’m OK, I was a little surprised on Friday night though, I didn’t expect how things went,” Ben responds.  “My husband and I have a rather unique relationship,” Stacy says, “We have what you might call an “open” marriage.  Sometimes my husband and I play with each other and sometimes we bring in others to play with us.  And sometimes we even have our own play time separately on our own, but we’ll always return to each other.  We have a strong bond but have realized how ineffective and unfulfilling a monogamous relationship can be.  Our open marriage allows us to spice things up every now and then and still continue to remain together.  That’s why I have a little proposal for you, Ben.  It’s been some time since I had my own playtime without Mike and I’ve been a little restless.  Is this something you can help me with, by my little play thing when I need it?” asks Stacy as Ben listens carefully taking in everything she has to say.  After some thought Ben responds, “That sounds like something up my alley, but I have a condition of my own.  If we do this, I’d like to keep things discrete especially here at work.  Ben continues, “I’ve worked very hard to get where I’m at and I’d hate to have things fall apart here over some indiscretions.”  Stacy, after hearing this smiles at him warmly and says, “Agreed.”  They stare at each other smiling for a brief moment and Stacy turns and walks out to her desk to start her day.  Ben sits staring at her wondering of all the trouble he can get into but part of him also wonders if this is something too good to be true.  After all Stacy had just come to work for him, does she have some hidden agenda at play here?  He thinks on it some more and mentally agrees to use caution with her and keep his eyes open for anything suspicious. 
Later in the afternoon Ben’s boss calls him into his office to tell this there’s an important client meeting and presentation he must attend to and travel out of town for.  It will be a two day meeting later in the week right before the coming weekend.  Ben’s boss was supposed to go but had a last minute emergency come up and needed Ben to cover for him instead.  Ben agrees as it would be something important to attend to and before he has a chance to say further his boss tells him that he should take his assistant with him to help him out on this short notice.  Ben agrees and silently hoping to himself that Stacy will be available to go.  After the meeting with his boss Ben heads off to find Stacy to inquire about the business trip.  After a little schedule rearranging she is able to go and quickly starts making the arrangements for them to travel out of town.
The two fly out together on Thursday morning and after the short flight they head over directly to the client’s office before checking into the hotel.  This first day is packed with meetings and presentations, with the first being and overview presentation of the client’s needs.  Ben and Stacy arrive at the client’s office and are motioned into a conference room with a large table and wall to wall screen on one side of the room.  Several executives are already seated in the conference room awaiting the presentation that will be given to Ben and Stacy.  They get up and exchange pleasantries.  Stacy then heads to the opposite end of the conference room table to take a seat, Ben joins her and sits next to her.  As the rest of the employees join the meeting, the doors are closed and the speaker gives his opening notes before going through the presentation.  Ben listening to the speaker, sees that Stacy’s jotting down notes.  He also looks around the table at the seating arrangement.  No one is sitting next to Stacy on her left, he is sitting to her right and the next chair to his right is empty, with an executive sitting one seat away from him.  Stacy noticed this too and slowly pivots her chair to the right to slightly facing Ben, or rather just enough for him to look down and see her skirt from under the table.  Ben, who also has out his note pad, starts taking notes as well when looking down at the note pad he sees Stacy reaching down towards at the end of her skirt.  She has on a skirt today going down to her knee with four large buttons running down the middle with boots on that run up to just below her knee.  Ben looks back up at the speaker who is finishing his opening remarks as he asks for the lights to be dimmed so he can begin to go through his presentation on PowerPoint slides shown on the large screen on the opposite side of the conference room.  Ben looks down at his notepad to continue to jot down a few more notes and still sees Stacy still reaching down at her skirt but this time she’s reaching for the buttons.  Ignoring the presentation he continues to watch her giving others in the room the impression that he is just writing down notes.  Stacy then unbuttons the bottom button on her skirt and flips it open.  She is looking up at the presentation pretending to be interested not revealing to anyone else except Ben what she has done.  Ben sees why Stacy wore this outfit today as it’s only revealed as she flips the first piece of the skirt open to show her knee.  She has on fishnet stockings.  Ben immediately looks up at the screen and then over to the speaker trying to be distracted.  This is too much.  He can feel his heart beating in his chest and his face is getting hot from blushing.  Thank goodness the lights are dimmed so that no one can see his reaction.  After looking at the screen, with the speaking continuing to read from his presentation, Ben begins to jot down more notes.  As he does this he notices Stacy unbuttoning the second button from the bottom flipping over the material revealing her thigh.  The fishnet stockings are clearly visible to Ben as he stares out of the corner of his eye.  He loves fishnet stockings and feels compelled to keep taking little glimpses out of the corner of his eye.  He needs to be distracted from this and looks back up at the speaker, while doing this he notices Stacy.  She looks calm and cool, no one in the room would have any idea she’s teasing Ben under the table like this.  He can see that she has a subtle wicked little smile on her face, the same one she gave him when they first met in that restaurant.  He tries to stay focused and pay attention to the meeting but with the lights dim like this, it’s too much of a distraction to take a glimpse looking down while taking notes.  After a short time he looks down at his note pad to pretend to write something down, shifting his eyes towards Stacy when he sees that she has flipped open the third button on her skirt.  She might as well have been better off taking the skirt completely off.  Ben’s face feels like it’s on fire.  She’s so close to him he wonders if anyone would notice if he reached over and slid his hand between her legs. 
The speaker is finished going over his presentation and the lights go back on.  A few other executives chime in with some additional comments as the meeting is winding down.  Ben, clearly distracted by the comments and discussion begins to feel things return to normal.  The speaker concludes the meeting and tells everyone there will be a short break before they break out into smaller group meetings with Ben and Stacy.  At the sound of her name Ben realizes she is almost naked around the table and turns to her.  Stacy has fastened the buttons on her skirt once again. He notices she is looking down at her note pad and his eyes follow to see a short note of two words written on the corner of her note pad for him.  It states “Naughty boy”.  Stacy is smiling with that wicked smile of hers.            
The rest of the day is filled with meetings with smaller groups.  They break in the middle of the afternoon for the two to leave and check into their hotel room and digest all that had been discussed during the day.  As they get to the hotel and check in Ben and Stacy agree to have dinner at a quiet little restaurant a short distance away by car from their hotel referred to them by one of the executives.  Ben decides to shower before getting ready to pick up Stacy at her room.  The shower is nice and the hot water is soothingly to his skin after sitting in meetings all day.  As he squeezes the vile of hotel shampoo in his hand to wash his hair.  The soap is slick and suds with soap easily in the hot water.  After washing his hair a rush of excitement washes over him as he relives his first meeting with Stacy and her teasing him with her fishnet stockings.  He puts more shampoo into his hand and lathers up his penis.  He is instantly erect, visualizing her is just fishnets and then reverting back to the first time he saw her in the alleyway to the restaurant, taking her husband into her mouth and him coming on her.  His excitement grows as he immediately stops and let’s go of himself.  While he is excited to be with Stacy he’d rather finish with her than by himself.     
Ben finishes his shower and dresses casually.  As he prefers with women, he skips on the underwear just in case he and Stacy decide to get a little crazy someplace where it might be a hindrance.  He leaves his hotel room and makes his way to Stacy’s room.  He texts her and she says she is almost ready but to come on over anyway.  As he knocks on her door, she opens it with a smile and lets him in.  She’s wearing a short dress, showing little cleavage but hugging her figure and hips down to her mid-thigh.  Her legs are bare naked, Ben silently sighs walking into her room as he’s gotten rather used to her in either tights or pantyhose.  “I’ll be just a moment more in the bathroom, have a seat,” she replies as she turns to the bathroom.  Ben sits on the bed and waits patiently.  “Ok, I’m almost done,” Stacy says coming out of the bathroom holding something in her hand.  She sits on the bed next to Ben and says “Stockings” holding them out to show him.  They are black pantyhose and she leans over reaching down to her feet to put them on.  She slowly slides the nylons up one leg and then the next.  Ben watches without blinking like a kid in a toy store at Christmas time.  He can feel his cock get hard and begins to get nervous as he is more exposed to showing off his erecting without underwear.  As she has pulled up the stockings on both legs, Stacy gets up from the bed pulling up her skirt to finish.  She is completely naked and she slides the stockings up over her hips.  “I just shaved today, do you like?” she asks speaking about her bare pussy.  “Oh yes, me like,” Ben jokingly responds and she laughs.  She slowly turns around, modeling for him, so he can see everything before pulling down and adjusting her skirt.  She looks amazing and Ben wonders his he should just cancel the dinner and order in until she grabs her purse and opens the door ready to go.     
After a short drive to the restaurant, they arrive and are seated quickly.  It is a quiet little restaurant sparsely populated and the lighting is dim for that romantic and intimate atmosphere.  As they are looking over the menus sitting closely together in a booth, Stacy peers over to Ben and whispers, “Ironic, this is how we were first met in a restaurant just like this.  Tell me Ben, were you staring at Mike and I at dinner as well?” she asks.  “Of course,” he replies, looking at her until their eyes meet.  She smiles at him and replies, “Deja Vu” while looking down.  His eyes follow hers as he can see her uncross and cross her legs under the table with the skirt hiking up to her upper thigh and pantyhose shining in the dim light.   “I seem to recall Mike doing this,” he states rubbing her thigh pushing up her skirt a little higher and moving his hand in between her legs.  Stacy uncrosses her legs slightly enough for Ben to slip a couple of fingers directly onto her pussy covered by the pantyhose.  As he holds up the menu pretending to look over the menu he begins to rub her, slowly at first.  He can feel the nylon starting to warm at the friction caused by rubbing so he stops, but only long enough to subtly move his fingers up to his mouth to lick them.  Now freshly lubricated with saliva he starts rubbing her again.  He can hear her starting to take heavier breaths and she her ample breasts expand and retrieve.  All of the sudden she puts her hand under the table and grabs his wrists motioning him to stop just as the server is walking over to them to take their order.  Stacy orders first and as she does so Ben leans forward on the table so as to make it harder for the server to see his fingers slowly dancing along Stacy’s leg rubbing her knee to her thigh.  After the server takes their orders Ben looks over at Stacy and asks, “Now where were we,” as his hand goes directly for her pussy.  They are both excited and Ben cannot control himself as he pulls on Stacy’s pantyhose ripping a whole in the crotch.  “Now look what I’ve done,” he exclaims as he moves to excite Stacy more.  Instead of just rubbing her pussy he goes for the kill and inserts two fingers inside her.  She is startled at the move, almost crying out loud in the restaurant but restrains herself.  Ben is excited with the impulsive move and can feel his erection grow.  Stacy is saturated as Ben’s fingers easily slide inside her with little resistance.  After a few moments Stacy stops Ben from playing with her telling him they need to save it for later when they are alone.  Odd, Ben thinks to himself she let Mike finish her off in the restaurant before, why not let me have my fun then reconsiders remembering he is only her play thing when she needs him.  In order to avoid some awkwardness between them, Ben sits back and converses with Stacy about work and the presentation with the client and her thoughts for the rest of dinner.   
They take their time with dinner and finish off with coffee and a sweet dessert.  As they get up to leave the booth Ben gets up first and helps up Stacy.  As he does so he looks down at her seeing her pantyhose.  He can just make out and see where he had ripped her pantyhose and gets excited once again feeling his erection grow and push up again his pants.   They get into the car and Ben drives them back to the hotel.  Stacy looks over at him and asks, “Can we just drive around town instead of going back to the hotel?  I like an evening drive to wind things down.”  Ben agrees and silently sighs to himself as he realizes this will be it for the evening, Stacy will unwind for the evening with the drive and go back to her hotel room by herself as it seems she is already tired from the meal and dessert.  He considers trying to persuade her otherwise as he’s still excited from ripping her pantyhose but declines to make the effort to try and avoid any unpleasantness between them.  Instead he drives her around town taking solace in that he has an excellent view of her legs.  As they final pull up to the hotel, Ben’s earlier assumptions are confirmed when looking over at Stacy he can see that her eyes are getting heavy.  “Oh that meal made me so sleepy, would you mind if we just turned in,” she mutters out to Ben.  “Of course, no worries,” he replies, disappointed.     
The next day Ben and Stacy meet again with the client for a couple final meetings before they fly out back home.  They arrive at the airport in time to make their flights, Stacy leaves first and Ben flies out several hours later in the day.  He continues with working and checking his emails while at the airport avoiding thinking of Stacy and his disappointment from the previous evening.  His flight home is quick enough and he finally arrives home later in the evening.  Tired but upbeat he enters his quiet apartment and final feels he can relax.  He strips off his clothes and heads to a hot shower. He just stands under the hot water soothing his muscles letting the beads of water drip down his body.  He is interrupted before his shower is done with the ringing of his cell phone.  He wonders whether he should rush out to answer it or not final resolving to answer it should it be his client calling about work.  Grabbing a towel and dripping water on the hard wood floor he picks up his cell phone to see its Stacy calling.  He quickly answers it.  “Hello this is Ben,” he responds.  “Hi Ben its Stacy, did you make it home safe enough?”  “Yes, the flight was fine, I’m home now, just getting out of the shower,” he replies.  “Oh good,” she states, “Hey listen I was out at the gym tonight and on my way home do you mind if I stop by, I’m not that far from your apartment?” asks Stacy.  Ben wonders to himself what it could be, why come by like this after last night.  He agrees and hangs up the phone, quickly drying off looking for a clean pair of clothes.  No sooner than doing a quick dry off there is a knock at his front door.  Who could this be?  Ben thinks to himself.  He quickly grabs a robe and answers the door only to see Stacy standing there.  He can tell she just came back from the gym, he form fitting T-Shirt is drenched with sweat.  She has tight leggings on, they look as if they have been painted onto her skin.  He greets her warmly and welcomes her into his apartment.  “Would you like anything to drink, water perhaps?” he asks.  She declines.  “I’m sorry about last night,” she abruptly states, “I was planning on having you stay with me but I wasn’t in the mood after dinner.  But……it’s funny after a long workout,” she begins looking down and slowly moving towards him, “I’m really in the mood now.”  He stares at her as she slides her fingers to the belt of his robe untying it.  “Are you in the mood?” she asks flirtatiously, softly touching his penis as he becomes excited his erection growing.  As he continues to just stare at her, without speaking, getting harder she assumes he is also in the mood.  Stacy doesn’t waste any time, dropping to her knees taking him into her mouth.  Ben moans out loud at the feel of Stacy’s tongue sliding up and down his cock.  She’s not slowly working him but quickly sucking on him from base to tip.  Ben tries to slow her down to make this last for him but he can’t slow her down.  The hot water from the shower and seeing her has excited him and he quickly succumbs to her advances.  He throws his head back exclaiming he is going to cum and Stacy sucks on him harder.  He explodes and ejaculates in her mouth and down her throat, she taking everything from him.  After his penis goes flaccid and too tender to the touch, Stacy gets up from her knees and looks at Ben smiling.  “Mike is waiting for me at home, and after the gym I wanted to redeem myself from last night.  Looks like I did and fairly quickly,” as says smiling at Ben while quietly laughing.   

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Bump.  This is Part III of my first story originally posted in Sept. 2016 for those who missed it.

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Nice work again.  Now onto the conclusion!

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This was good, i need to go back and read part 1 and 2 now 😁

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Very nice, I agree now have to go back and read the first two