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rose adorabell
Since: Oct '14
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  Hey there fellow Nightshifter foodies, i tried a vegan fast food drive in during my recent trip to Santa Rosa. I know the two just sound opposite Amy's, they (she) has been making frozen foods for years and now has this lovely location, not sure if its the only one. I am by no means a vegan or even a vegetarian, but it sure is nice to have another place to be able to eat while on the road.

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tophat ftchildr
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My Body was made by Burgers and Pizza and Tacos and Fried Chicken and and...

I have to admit that is very refreshing to get a Healthy Meal in there to keep the Heart Pumping...

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tophat pohaku
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is this the place?

tophat philipfry
Since: May '16
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Vegan fast food is not limited to Santa Rosa. VeganBurg is located in SF's haight neighborhood:

Too bad its burgers taste like a chicken sandwich to me.

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rose Gloria Steele
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Wow! That looks delish! I have enjoyed Amy's frozen foods since I was in college many, many years ago. I'll definitely have to check out the restaurant next time I'm in the North Bay.

We have a lot of great vegan options in the East Bay. Flaco's Tacos, Hella Vegan Eats, Golden Lotus, etc. I'm not vegan myself, but sometimes I eat like one. 

tophat PAteo
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Here's a young woman reporting on everything that's vegan at various fast food chains, as well as various vegan grocery items or concoctions:

Supreme Banana - #veganized

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tophat Dr.PallMall
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Amy's is a vegetarian restaurant, not a vegan one. Millennium in Oakland is the best vegan restaurant I've ever experienced.

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rose adorabell
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Ill have to check it out next time im in the town, just a small tid bit... Amy's is a sustainably focused cafe for veggie, vegan and gluten-free: burgers, and burritos!..

tophat Squiggy
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I was reading that the best place for Vegas Food is Vegas which makes sense.

They have the best and longest buffet lines.

I don't do buffet cuz I was once crushed in a Hometown Buffet restaurant and still got nightmares.
I was at the counter when they brought out some fresh meatballs.
Not a pretty site.

rose Sexysonya
Since: Nov '15
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Yum! I'm a vegetarian trying to go Vegan so I'm always looking for new restaurants but I have yet to go to Amys. I'm always in SF and enjoy eating at Gracias Madre in the mission. It's a vegan Mexican restaurant, I take my meat eater friends there and they all seem to love it :-) another great spot The butcher's son in Berkeley, deli style place. 

tophat Elvis P
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My Body was made by Burgers and Pizza and Tacos and Fried Chicken and and...


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