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rose BeautifulAA
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Since I've been on my health kick my mother keeps sending me these crazy articles lol it's another reason why I don't shop online I always shop at GNC 

rose GoddessAthena
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I've been a bit shy to buy condoms online since I know they do have a certain shelf life.  Old product could be pushed online and could not provide the level of safety one would expect from the product.

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tophat Elvis P
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Online, or in-store, the vast majority of nutritional supplements are bogus, or barely effective at best.

If you want to get stronger and/or bigger, consume a diet rich in poultry, fish, lean meats and complex carbs, while following the proper training protocols (primarily addressed to men). If health is your main concern, put more emphasis on fruits and leafy vegetables. From my experience, the only supplementation that was actually effective, was the steroid replacement compounds that eventually got banned, because chemically, they WERE androgenic/anabolic steroids that slipped through the legal cracks.  

tophat soundwave12
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I've been taking Green Tea pills for years. I threw them away after reading this. Thanks for posting. 

tophat propanm1
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If it's on the Web it must be true, right? A little research and you'd see that reputable sources note that green tea extract can cause liver damage in rare cases. In fact, many supplements can do damage under the wrong circumstances. "Natural" doesn't mean "safe". I can go to a nature area near me and hand pick all the natural organic hemlock I want. Care for a nice cup of tea? Also, this article states that green tea extract can CAUSE hepatitis. In all its forms, hepatitis is caused by a viral infection. People read things and completely fail to look past the end of their nose. Oh, and GNC has had more than its share of issues over the years. Do a little digging folks. Look for the truth.

tophat whoseurdaty
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Hmmmm I buy all my vitamins herbs off amazon save a boat load never had any problem but I do only buy from stores with good reviews not individuals.