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rose  JazmineJaz
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I've recently lost some weight and wanted to know some great at home exercises I could do to tone certain areas of my body. 
*lower stomach
*back arms

I've been lifting weights at home but I'm sure I could be doing more. 


rose  Luna Kali
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Have you heard of HIIT (high intensity interval training)? I downloaded p90x like 10 years ago and still remember some moves, but I'm sure you can YouTube it. I mix it in with a ton of burpees. Tbh because of sexwork, burpees tend to be a piece of cake. The thing that is weird about my body is that it stores fat in my tummy. In a way, it makes a good pillow :). If you're a true hourglass shape getting toned in your tummy area is easier. Howeverrrr, I know you're seeing a lot progress and stuff but it's also so important to love your body the way is it at any given weight. I'm just saying it in case you get obsessed with losing weight and distracts your from "real life". Some dudes get obsessed with getting bigger and stronger that they ignore their muscles aching. 

What kind of weights are you doing? I recently joined a gym that has all the lovely weight equipment (better than planet fitness but suckier than crunch gyms) for only ten more bucks a month. Probably a bunch of squats and running up hills tones thighs right up. If you want, I can yell at you like a drill sergeant while you run up and down stairs :p

You're doing your best and most likely doing good job. I don't think ppl hear that all too often. It's like losing weight is "mandatory" and you "have" to if you're in the sexwork industry. Sorry lol rant over 


jump squats werkk