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tophat Plum
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I had a wacky idea last night on the way to sleep. Let me give you some background first.

When I session at a FS AMP or with an escort, it always involves some mutual touch. I love to caress a woman's body--her back, her ass, her thighs. I love to please her. I love to hold her close. I want her to feel loved. There's so much more to a woman than a hot mouth and a hot pussy..oops, almost forgot the hot titties!

So my wacky idea is this: Train ME how to massage YOU. The session would be non-sexual and unpaid. It's a free massage for you. I get to rub my hands all over you (which satisfies that need of mine to please), and you get to meet a new potential client. This would probably work best if you were skilled in the art of massage so that you could teach me the right way to do it, and also because I don't have the proper oils and lotions, or a massage table with a face rest. And you MUST communicate--here are some ways: "oh, yes, keep doing that!" Or, "no, not like that, let me show you" or "rub more slowly, dammit!" 

I've received about 100 therapeutic massages before, some by very skilled masseuses, so I might know more than I think I do. 

So is this a crazy idea? It sounded good to me in my tired stupor last night. PM me if you want to teach me, or even if you're between sessions, bored, and just need a massage. I'm currently between sessions myself, so I have too much free time on my hands. ;)


rose Jeniveve
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I'm  down. Let me know when you might be in the south bay. 

rose GoddessAthena
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You might want to post your target area if you have one.  Is this incall or outcall.  Can you host or do you travel?

Goddess Athena
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tophat Plum
Since: Apr '16
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That's a good idea.

My target area is close to South Natomas or downtown Sac from about 10:00 am until 1:30 pm (not much of a time window; it's during my lunch "hour" ;)    ...what'd you expect for a free massage?) It would be outcall only to your incall.