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tophat Joshxxxjones
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So I was wanting to put together my own multivitamin pack that includes all organ care such as livers, kidneys, and heart while including joint care and muscle recover. I need some help creating this list. 

rose reiki spa
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OK one regular vitamins have additives they don't have to put it on the jar most of them have the same additives I didn't catch the name started with like chiop too much of this can cause heart palpitations and raise blood pressure so I recommend Andrew lessman vitamins  because all of his vitamins are pure and 100% real you don't have as much stomach upset with the there just a wonderful product he does have a man's formula that has all of the vitamins it it also he's on HSN and he also has his own website but because it's all day just said you can find his videos on YouTube highly recommend it I would love to see anybody anytime if they want to call me from the health food store anything I highly recommend it