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rose CharlizeMontri
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Greetings Everyone!

I am a mixed Asian women who has grown up on deliciously bad for you Asian food. I'm at a point in my life where I'm ready for a hard transition. I've bought a Kangen water system as a start and am now looking to detox my body and go into a gluten free organic lifestyle. I've read multiple programs, but was wondering what everyone's personal experience and go to's are. Any tips where I can shop for Gluten free products and programs that have worked for you! I would love to hear them all.


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rose Ambrosia
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Hi Charize,
   Good for you for eating healthier!!  If you dont mind my asking, is there a reason you've decided to cut out gluten?  I did a little research and came across this article

In my opinion the best diet is one of natural foods such as grass fed beef or fresh free range chickens and organic produce.  I also always get cage free eggs just to eliminate the cruelty factor.

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Hi Charlize, 
I was reading this an if plan on detoxing a good way to start your mornings if a nice cup of green tea with raw honey. Also if you don't like tea's  warm or room temperature water filtered of course, with lemon an cucumber.  They're many type fusion drinks that not only with detox but with over all health. Organic fruits eggs, for hydration almond  milk or coconut milk is also good for as well as hydration.  Stay clesr of anything sugar such sodas monsters red bull they are very bad for you. 

rose CharlizeMontri
Since: Nov '15
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Thank you guys for the tips ! Xoxo going to take a look and try it out !  

rose CharlizeMontri
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Thank you for the feedback! 

My family seems to have a weird reaction to gluten. Some with skin conditions or joint problems. I personally haven't noticed anything. But then again I've never cut it out of my diet to even know if it is doing anything wrong. I'm going to look into your article now ;) 

tophat californicated1
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If you are experiencing pains in your joints, especially as you get older, you may want to look into whether or not it could be gout, which could be brought on after eating purine-rich foods like most meats have and some vegetables have, too.

Purines are a specific protein that the body needs to regulate itself, but too much of them can cause gout, especially as you age and your metabolism slows down.

These purines turn into uric acid in your body and in the joints farthest from the heart, this uric acid crystallizes in the joints and makes them swell up and cause great pain.

Your body may increase its temperature to dissolve the crystals and flush them out, but while the body is doing so, it will be painful to experience.

One of the things that has helped me treat my gout is to take my vitamins, including Vitamins B5 and B12, along with Vitamin C--which are supposed to get the kidneys functioning in high gear especially after you start flushing out the blood stream of purines with water or sometimes soda--which if one uses instead of water may be rough on your diet and blood sugar levels.

Caffeine also helps and if you phase out soda, especially cola, you need to either drink green tea or coffee in place of cola, or take a Caffeine pill in the morning with the rest of your vitamins--caffeine is a diuretic and can also stimulate kidney production and flush out those purines and sugars from your blood stream.

Tart Cherry Extract and even Tumeric are also good to treat gout, but these can be expensive in pill form, but I take them regularly.

You also may need to increase your intake of raw vegetables, preferably ones that are low in purines--and beans, including soybeans, are NOT low in purines--same with other legumes like Peas, so you can avoid those when possible.

Broccoli and carrots along with an occasional white potato are good for alleviating gout while Cauliflower is not.

You may want to check on for help with the diet as well.

Hope this helps.

Bill and monica
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One potentially negative aspect of gluten free is that the processed food companies look for ways to sell you stuff (and make money) by saying their product is gluten free and therefore must be good for you.  Many of these gluten free products consist of other types of flour - which may not be all that much healthier for many medical issues, especially if you are interested in avoiding weight gain. Because the whole whatever is basically ground in to dust (flour) means that your body digests and absorbs it rapidly, even if it's not wheat/gluten based, and the same result of harmful effects ensue.  Many people are coming to understand that any otherwise healthy plant that is dried and ground up in to a white powder is a drug, some are more psycho-active than others, but all are metabolically active because of their rapid digestion and absorption.

The other  food source that is a big offender for many diseases, especially those with an inflammatory component, is dairy.

As with all toxins and toxicology, the dose is very important.  You probably won't get symptoms from your gluten sensitivity by eating a couple/few croutons in a salad, but it's easier to just avoid it as much as possible.

Besides gluten and dairy, some people have other food intolerances or sensitivities that can be difficult to find. One option some people I know have found helpful to improve their inflammatory disease state (asthma and skin especially) is the Pinner Test
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Everything in moderation. Just saying ;)

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I can recommend from personal experiences keep a big hardwood in your mouth as many hours as you want to diet and you won't be able to eat anything or want to since your focus will be on the wood.


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I avoid products that contain wheat and sugar to stay trim.  Eat fruits in moderation as it contains sugar as well.  Shop only for food in the meat and produce section of a grocery store. Eat organic when I can.   Generally drink only water or tea.  Avoid GMO products.  Cook with either olive or coconut oil.  Use Himalayan sea salt. Don't use teflon or aluminum pans, microwave ovens and toothpaste with fluoride Take natural versus synthetic vitamins.  Exercise regularly.  People are ALWAYS surprised how old I am.  You may find articles to contradict my choices.  But this seems to work for me.  I like to get my health tips from

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Cut out the processed foods. That's the biggest and simplest step. Cut out fast food, snack foods, convenience foods. Focus on cooking your own meals as much as possible, and shop around the edges of the grocery store instead of in the middle.

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rose Trixy Bennet
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There everywhere but vegan restaurnts are my fav...get kale from safeway there my favoite store for organic...wheatgrass use a juicer ..
smoothies in the morning are good the best thing is start moderating you food to shrink your stomach

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Nutrition is only one third of the basic foundation of optimal functionality. It is the only logical to focus on exercise and sleep as well.

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you should check out athlean  jeff cavaliere is a really good coach and its a great an effective program with nutritional recipes and what mkes it even better he explains why your doing the workouts he has implemented for you, what makes him credible is that he has a PHD in Physical Therapy

rose reiki spa
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Can they test this in a blood test ps try for all the great info

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Good for you girl. I was vegan for 15 years. I recommend eating small portions throughout the day, its better for digestion. I dont think gluten free is important unless you have celiac disease, otherwise its about the quality of bread you eat more than wheat. Frankly, I think the best thing to do is cut out as much processed food as you can. Cooking at home guarantees you know what goes into your food. 

Good luck

Sasha Minxxx

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Would it be rude of me to recommend a protein shake? I heard it's good for your complexion.

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Hi you need to understand the central nervous system if you want to know nutrition.
1 the central nervous system is GOD!!!
2 The CNS always makes a profit
3 If you feed your system food that is hard to convert into muscle (i.e. it takes more useable calories to convert it that are in that batch of food to begin with) then the CNS will store it as FAT and will deposit it as close to the stomach as possible.
4 if you reduce your food intake to less than you need to get through the day you will burn fat and muscle content but the food you take in will always be stored as fat (remember the profit thing? it also works as a minimizing loss thing as well)
5 if you heat food beyond 121 degrees you kill the natural enzymes (very good to suppress spoilage but also very good at keeping that food from getting absorbed in the blood stream so..... goes to store as FAT
6 as your food is stored as fat your CNS will get very mad because it's trigger tell it you are not healthy so it will do 2 things A) Tell you that you are hungry (even if you just ate
  B) increase your stomach acid to make things breakdown better. (problem is your system runs on electric current and acid is a VERY VERY  VERY poor host for electrical conductivity). by the way Cancer (which is nothing more than massive cell mutation due to bad electrical signals) loves Acidity!!

eat fresh fruits and vegetables  as often as you can
make sure they as from earth that has high nutrient density if a strawberry is juicy it is good-hard and dry is bad.
drink Colloidal Minerals
take a multi-enzyme with every meal
try Coral Calcium
never take any supplement which contains minerals in sulfide or oxide form less than 7% bio available
feel free to inbox me anytime
The CaDabbler 

rose CharlizeMontri
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I just want to thank each and every one of you for the tips! Im so sorry for the late reply, I was actually off of NS for awhile and just got caught up with everyone's comments. Since I posted about needing tips. I actually just switched to Organic fruits, veggies, fish, and chicken as a go to. I also picked up an hour of cardio in the morning and also in the evening and have lost 17lbs and am now gaining by replacing fat with muscle and toning! I feel absolutely amazing along with the beautiful compliments from others. It's been nothing more than awesome. I just did a photo shoot and cant wait to share xoxo

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rose HairyAfricanmilk
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My advice would be to cut out grains, sugars and dairy six days out of the week, with the seventh day being a cheat day.
Limit beans and nuts, and only eat greens and proteins after 4pm.
No packaged drinks, but if you do, nothing with more than 11 grams of sugar (almond milks and soy milks have this type of sugar content)
Switch to canned coconut milk for milk substitutes in coffee. 
Never skip breakfast.
I have a friend who is currently doing this, and has had some amazing results!

After your diet is on track, incorporate weight training and cardio.

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rose HairyAfricanmilk
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OMG! That is so amazing!!! Woohoo!!

tophat butler
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Totally agrer. No Sugar/No Flour! But you got to have cheat days to stay sane!

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 "I recommend eating small portions throughout the day, its better for digestion."
I concur, I lost over 2 inches off my waist from eating 4-5 smaller meals, instead of 3-4 big ones. Weight loss programs like Nutrisystem focus on meal portion, instead of the type of food being consumed. Instead of the usual trite advise about loading up on fruits and veggies, programs like Nutrisystem recommends all the good stuff, like pasta, potatoes, beef, chicken, with all the sides. Other than potatoes, onions and bell peppers that I use for stir fry, I consume very little in terms of veggies, and almost no fruit other than an occasional banana, and I still managed to lose the extra baggage on the waistline. Don't believe me, ask Donnie Osmond's sister laugh

Also, if you Google the diets of the top bodybuilders, you'll notice the absence of leafy green veggies and fruits, yet they still have 6 packs. The distended guts on the heavier bodybuilders, is due to overeating from being too obsessed with gaining size -an error Governor Swarzennegger and his peers didn't make in the 70's.

tophat Elvis P
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"an error Governor Swarzennegger and his peers didn't make in the 70's"

Schwarzenegger - that's a difficult name to spell surprise

tophat officepolitics
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The "health food" industry is replete with fraud. Don't smoke. One small glass of alcohol per day and walk for 20 minutes three time per week. The female species of homo sapiens is protected by the hormone estrogen that prevents cholesterol from accumulating and causing arterial disease. But as soon as menopause hits the protection is lost unless you restrict dietary fats and cholesterol. The people on Okinawa live the longest so let's go see what they eat and drink and do. I have low cholesterol and high HDL. I don't eat meat because it grosses me out. Maybe I'm just a Nancy boy. I eat apples all day. And oranges. No bread. Mazzola corn oil for fats. Carrots. 2% milk mixed with Gatorade and Fresca makes me go apeshit. Boiled vegetables with nothing on them except my spoon.