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tophat ippie
Since: Jun '16
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I just ate a few. I'm glad I bought two pounds of them.

tophat butler
Since: Nov '14
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Too much natural sugar. A little is okay, more is bad. Handful a day!

tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb '15
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I think this is exciting.

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tophat pvsanjose
Since: Jul '14
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Squiggy makes every conversation about 3X more interesting that it starts out to be.

tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb '15
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I can not disagree.

The man knows.

tophat diamondcutter
Since: Aug '14
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Bump for excitement factor. bRING sweet cherries might be even more exciting

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rose IvyGorgeousVIP
Since: Jul '14 Vip  
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They are the best! I also purchased some at the farmer market. I need some more, cherries are my favorite fruit!


tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb '15
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This is  getting tooooooooo exciting.


rose SexyLindy
Since: Jan '15
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It's about to get more exciting!!
Bing cherries...yummm. Luv them too but they don't love me so much. I guess it's like 1 poster said...too much sugar concentrated--cuz I can't have more than 4-5, or it's oh boy for my tummy. 😔
Just had a nice homemade strawberry, banana-mandarin smoothie & damn it gives a boost of energy. I drank one last nite & it kept me from getting to sleep the same as too much caffeine! Who knew...

Eat all the fruits you can during the summer bcuz all the vitamins and antioxidants (esp dark fruits & berries) help gear your system up to fight viruses and illness in winter. Plus the enzymes in fruit give a special "assist" in digesting in general & especially heavier foods.

Nature's defense~fruitr.

tophat Plum
Since: Apr '16
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My hobby fund is only up to $120 right now. Maybe soon, I, too, can enjoy some sweet cherries. 

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rose zoezane
Since: Nov '14 Vip   Verifiedbadge
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Bing cherries cleans the blood.  Zoe Zane

rose SexyLindy
Since: Jan '15
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That's what I thought initially...
nice going on the veiled message ippie. Nice to see some of you guys are still up to no good & catering to creeps~NOT.