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rose IvyGorgeousVIP
Since: Jul '14
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Good morning all my fit and fabulous people! My question is, do you take any supplements? How about protein powders? 

Ive seen "protein world" all over social media, has anyone tried it before? I kind of want to start getting back into lifting, my lifting partner works odd hours so I haven't been lifting as much as I used to. 

Thanks in advance 😃



tophat Defective
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I really like this protein powder (Arbonne Essentials - Protein Shake Mix) opposed to Whey. It's all vegan. I get both Chocolate & Vanilla then mix them together. I find the Chocolate alone it too sweet tasting. I also add 3/4 tbs of flax seed from Trader Joe's.

When I want to cut I use Skinny Fox Detox tea.

Beyond any supplement I eat a strict clean diet at least 5 days a week.  

tophat soundwave12
Since: Sep '14
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Pre-workout (I alternate):

B-Nox Androrush- Betancourt Nutrition Assault- MusclePharm

Creatine (I switch back n forth after running out):

Creature -Beast

Creatine 'Black' - MusclePharm

Green Tea supplement- VitaminShoppe brand

Omega-3 fish oil supplement- VitaminShoppe brand

Flax, hemp, pumpkin, Chia seeds (in homemade smoothies)

Green powder - Green Vibrance

I do not take a protein supplement. When I did I used Isopure

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tophat mnight98
Since: Jun '15
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Be very very wary of supplements and do your research.  Apparently, many supplements are scams and   40% of supplements do NOT contain the ingredients that they claim to contain.

eye opening report.  Had no idea it was this bad.  So definitely do your google fu and research on supplements before taking them.  Personally, I'd only take supplements that have actual clinical trials backing them up.  

tophat Doremoney
Since: Oct '15
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TBH, whatever you're doing ivy, just continue it. You look amazing already :) But just to answer your question, supplementation should be tailored specifically towards your fitness goals and nutritional deficiencies. What I take might not apply to you for a variety of reasons. 

However, if you want to "tone up" picking up a whey protein powder to hit your protein macros should help. Labdoor is a good resource. I use optimum nutrition cause I think it's the best in terms of taste, price and mixibility. However, it comes from dairy so take that into consideration. There's actually too much to write in terms of generic recommendations. PM me if you want more info or fitness advice. I coach people for fun as a side hobby.

tophat Stingsrstupid
Since: Feb '15
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Start by tracking your daily intake. My Fitness Pal is a convenient free app that will point out basic nutrient shortages. Then fill in the gaps with healthy foods and supps. Are you wanting to change your look, or increase capability, or both? 

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tophat pvsanjose
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I take a number of supps. Mostly basic, - vitamins minerals amino acids some hormone related intake as well.  What I would add is exercises do compliment ea other so its important to include aerobic and anaerobic work as the byproducts of one type are recycled by its companion. Esp true for men and their heart and cardio health.

tophat smileyface
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Lots of great info on this thread... I love my fitness pal app for tracking stuff..: I use arbonne and herbalife products..: mostly Arbonne when I wake up and herbalife pre and post workout ...

also drink at least 8ounces of  water after sex... Sex is a great workout followed by h20

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rose zoezane
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Do your research for Doctor Wallach in Santa Cruz.  This stuff really works.  Zoe Zane

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rose CamillaMarino
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Take BCAA after workouts, it really does help with feeling less sore the next day, but make sure you're stretching too!

I wouldn't trust any of those things you see being advertised by instafamous people. I like organic protein powder in chocolate, they have it at costco!

tophat pandaypoe
Since: Jul '15
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What is BCAA ?  Sorry, I'm too ignorant on this. I'm also looking for other supplements which would increase energy level. I'm currently taking B12 5000 mcg sublingual and it really helps me boost my autoimmune system.

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tophat pvsanjose
Since: Jul '14
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I think she means branch chain amino acids - bcaa's. If your energy is low I wouldn't overlook minerals. Magnesium Calcium and the trace elements in my experience they make a real difference.

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tophat ronbo424
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It's a world of supplements isn't it?and everyone wants you to try theirs don't they? And i call bullshit on most of them! Nothing comes close to the actual hard work you have to put in at the gym... I'll do a little super pump pre work out drink has nitric oxide in it to help move blood and oxygen through your body and build eas soy protein after work out drink to help recover and retain your workout... personally i don't think anything comes close to the hard work and eating CLEAN for at least 9 months of the year... if you'd like to chat a little more feel free to pm me... best wishes

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tophat mnight98
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It's a world of supplements isn't it?and everyone wants you to try theirs don't they? And i call bullshit on most of them! ....

The biggest problem with supplements are two fold.  
#1) They can make any claim they want without any scientific backing whatsoever.  
#2) 40% of them do NOT contain the ingredients they claim and/or contain such an insignificant trace amount of the key ingredients as to not even matter and/or contain harmful ingredients that aren't even listed on the label.

It quite literally is 21st century snake oil salesmanship and it is amazing how many people fall for it.  

rose Chasity.Ardor
Since: Oct '15
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Hey Gorgeous! I'm all into the working out and taking supplements and protein! I have tried protein world they are good but my favorite for Flavor and results would be the brand "Jym" I like the s'mores flavor which has mini marshmallows I'm it and the vanilla flavor taste like vanilla cake batter! (Just not that thick n gooey lol) But Protein worlds supplements are freaking great! I'm using the toner and multi vitamins. For my preworkout and BCAA's I'm taking a brand called Performix. I just switched to this brand about 2 months ago and loving it! You can get it at GNC. Oh and I take a probiotic at night to help with digestive and cleansing. The brand I use is 'Keybiotics' . Plus i workout 5-6x a week.
 hope this helps & Good luck! 

tophat Elvis P
Since: Jan '16
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It's a world of supplements isn't it? And everyone wants you to try theirs don't they? And i call bullshit on most of them!
I concur, the only "supplements" that actually work, are the ones that eventually get banned. The most recent ban was on the Superdrol replacements; namely the methylstenbolone products, such as Msten, DMZ 3.0, etc, etc, when Obama signed a bill to ban all prohormone products. These compounds were advertised as prohormones, but in actuality, they were bona fide steroids, that didn't need to convert into something else after they enter the bloodstream, as do prohormones. 

rose reiki spa
Since: May '15
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I love my supplement I take so many every day I'll list some probiotics bee pollin ,perfect green Osteo Bi-Flex multivitamin. And a new one I am amazed with jelly fish pills prevalgen for the brain it builds brain cognitive tissue. I guess you made a protein to build that muscle and all that but I just use the protein that's plant-based also tried a new product I really like I'll put a link here to it and it's a really good one it's got flaxseed Acia all the stuff all in one powder 

Naturo Sciences
4.4 out of 5 stars  1,028 Reviews
Natural Greens Food By Naturo Sciences - Complete Raw Whole Green Food Nutrition with Super Powerful Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals with Goji and Acai - Amazing Berry Flavor 8.5oz (240g) 30 Servings
#1 Best Sellerin Spirulina Herbal Supplement

tophat Kraven77
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I'm a firm believer in the my infowars supplements. In addition the organic and non-GMO ingredients is a major plus especially with so much of the ingredients found in our foods are banned in other countries ? You gotta wonder ?? I'm especially into the liver cleanse after the beating I've given my liver over the years . And to go along with it I take a couple a teaspoons of DE  (diatomaceous earth) mixed in water or juice. And with all the medications big pharma pushing on us it's it can't hurt to clean it once in awhile in MHO.

rose SexyJordan
Since: Feb '16
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Hey gorgeous! 
One of my favorite supplements is it 😉😁 xo J

rose carty176
Since: Apr '15
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i studied herbal madicine and have used this on myself and iI give it credit for my absence on cancer right now i was diagnosed and started this and it went into remission. this is called KYO-GREEN (Harvest Blends) it has 44 super foods in it and it is a full body cleanser as well it balances our PH levels which is crucial in our over all health. im writing a book called (We Suffer From a Lack of Knowledge) I break down in detail what your  ph levels mean for your overall heath but i would be happy to answer any questions you have on it . Its ruff the first week or two of taking it because your detoxifying your body of all impurities which is caffeine,sugar exc you will feel withdrawal depending on how your diet is but tough it out the end result is wow. you will energy,thinking clearer like a load has been lifted. you can google the name of the product for competitive rates ive found it on ebay already so its not hard to find its just the price can be steep through certain vendors. good luck i hope you try it!

rose reiki spa
Since: May '15
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Ty so much for your input please keep posting

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rose Aven2015
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BCAA are branch chained amino acids (3 specific amino acids/ better assimilation) to repair muscle tissue, and increase muscle protein synthesis. :)

Energy Supplements:

- B - Complex
- Spirulina 
- Ginseng 


rose reiki spa
Since: May '15
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Amway all fresh all organic. 

tophat rjhoneycomb
Since: Feb '16
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Yohimbe before the session. It's good for libido and energy and it actually works too well. Don't take too much.

tophat glenngroup
Since: Sep '14
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Hate Yohimbe. Wires me too much like heavy caffeine. Recommend Cobra, a natural supplement.