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Hi Nightshift Webmasters,

THANKS you so much for the extras.  Waves of Love,  Zoe Zane

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Hi all,

NS reaches 100,000 members! 

Our community has grown at an incredible rate. We gain new members everyday in our current regions and we continue to get requests for new regions.

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering increased bumps for our provider's listings.  This allows our providers to reach more people in our community and advertise at no additional cost.

Increased Bumps For Providers
Free Listings -> Bump 1x a day
Premium Listings -> Bump 2x a day

New Policy:
Free Listings -> Bump 2x a day.  Bumps must be 6 hours apart from each other.
Premium Listings -> Bump 3x a day.  Bumps must be 3 hours apart from each other.

The new policy will take into effect immediately.  Increased bumps are at no extra charge, so enjoy your additional bumps and let us know how we can continue to make the site better.

You can manage your listings by going to:
Learn more about the additional increased bumps by clicking here:

Additional Features
In addition to increased bumps, providers can now turn off their availability.  We also have a new format for listings coming your way that has more detailed search including the ability to exclude listings.  It's going to be an exciting next few months.

Thank you again for supporting NS and being a part of our playful, honest, and safe community!

Taylor K.

*Moderated on Sep 13

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Thanks for the bumps....and grinds.

Happy that the admin is making some very wise changes on the site.
Keep up the GREAT effort.


Ms M

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Ditto! ♡ thank yoi :)