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Hi All,

We are looking for a moderator that LOVES food/drinks and would like to help us by moderating the food forum.  

I know our members are really excited about the forum so we just need the right person to continue fostering this nascent forum. 

If you are interested, please PM me or respond to this thread and let us know why you're the perfect foodie for the job!


Sophia loren
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So as the OP on this it is on me to speak up.  I have no idea how much effort is involved in being a moderator.  But I am interested in helping where I can because we had some real fun with the early posts. I'm hoping someone will have the time and energy to help take this on.  Food, Drink, Sex. What could go wrong?

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I am a conasewer and have dicussed food until I wanna vomit.

So I have to pass.

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Maybe you could recruit Nadi or Soundwave to moderate. They had a similar forum on Arby. The amount of effort expended depends on the amount of rules you plan on having and how strict you want to enforce them.