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Hello all,

We apologize for the delay but, we now accept Bitcoin!  

You can get a VIP membership or upgrade to a premium Listing by going to Menu ->My Listings (Provider only).

Please let us know what you think and if you need any support.


tophat  gdoggydog
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That's good. The stupid piggy cops can't do shit about it anyways. Hahaha. Cops hates bitcoins because it's untraceable for them to bust us. Hahahahahaa!!!

Take that, pig cops!

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rose  MizIsland
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Thank you!!!

tophat  samroger
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thank you.

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tophat  fonzy
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While I'm not the membership type, there is no chance in hell I would ever pay for NS with credit card.

I would have no such objection with Bitcoin - given the relative anonymity & privacy... and I think this will become an intriguing option for paying members.

You're leading the way to help your customers and an early adopter of a new digital economy. Nice job!

rose  xoroxanaxo
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I need help admin. I have been messaging you guy and Bitcoin for quite some time. 
I have paid $$ at the Bitcoin ATM for one of my listing and no payment was made for it. I have applied for gold package and Payed the the price it asked if not even more! 
Thank you 
please get back to me 

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rose  MochaAKAMocha
Since: Jun-2016
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Is there a tutorial on here on how to anonymously sign up for, buy and use Bitcoin?

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Hi Roxanaxo,

Unfortunately we do not know what Bitcoin ATM is =/  

If you paid on our site, you should have received a receipt of payment which you can show us as proof of payment.  We could also look for it on the blockchain as a history of payment.

It sounds like you're still stuck at the Bitcoin ATM stage.  We recommend that you get a Bitcoin wallet to host your money and then all transactions will be ledgered and recorded.

We recommend using Copay which is a wallet made by Bitpay.

Here are some additional resources:

Hi Mocha,

You can use the above links or do a google search to learn more about how to get started with Bitcoins.

tophat  somesfguy
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Bitcoin IS NOT anonymous and it is quite possible for law enforcement to trace them. Open am account with any known platform (Coinbase, etc) and you will be required to provide a fair amount of identifying information.

You can get pseudo-anonymous by managing your own wallet via your phone or PC (there are risks with either), funding via Bitcoin ATM and making sure you change addresses with every transaction.

If you manage your own wallet you need to make sure that you use strong passwords, two factor authentication (preferably with a hardware device like a Yubikey) and be aware that you still aren't perfectly secure.

But it's marginally better than credit cards.

Trust me, law enforcement is fully aware of how to investigate BTC remittances.

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tophat  fonzy
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Bitcoin can be totally anonymous, if you want.
Two options:
- Buy with cash, either use, or install Mycelium app to buy local.
- Buy via non-anonymous channel (e.g. CoinBase), then use to "tumble" the money so its untraceable.

If you ever buy from CoinBase, always send to a phone wallet(e.g. Mycelium) before sending to BP, NS, bitmixer or anyplace. CoinBase will shut your account for direct payment to anyone controversial.


tophat  Joseph197256
Since: Jun-2016
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How does paying with bitcoins help when you already previously paid with credit cards? And for providers who posted ads with CC's on BP etc, isnt the damage already done? How would bitcoin help in this case?

tophat  sfguy50021
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Keep in mind, bitcoin is not untraceable. In fact, it's quite traceable - your wallet's transactions are public record. Now, if you use a service like Coinbase, it'll fix this, but it depends on the service -- it's not an inherent property of bitcoin.

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tophat  fonzy
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sfguy - was that a typo? Coinbase is the last thing to use, if you want untraceable.

See my comments 2 posts prior.