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Early one day, I receive an email from you begging to see me, asking how you can earn a position as a sex slave. I explain that I am a very busy and discerning woman who is spoiled for choice. You will need to meet me for an encounter where I will train you and put you through your paces. You enthusiastically agree. That day, I dress for our meeting in my new black satin lingerie set, complete with a garter belt and fully-fashioned french stockings. Finally, you text that you are here. I make you wait a few minutes, and then walk to the door. My heels click across the floor as I approach the door with a blindfold in hand. I glance through the peephole and see you standing there, impatiently texting me on your phone. I open the door with a wicked smile on my face and invite you in. “Hello, fancy seeing you.” You are mesmerized, looking me up and down. I keep one hand with the blindfold behind my back. The door closes behind you, and I reach to lock it. As I greet you and you lean in for a hug, you reach your arm behind me and place a hand on my ass. I tell you that I have a surprise for you and slip a blindfold over your eyes. You resist a bit, but I convince you that it will be so worth it. You came here to submit, right? 

Hand in hand, I guide you into the bed where I begin unbuttoning your shirt. I remove your belt and pull down your pants, exposing your rock hard erection under your boxer briefs. I remove those as well, and order you to kneel on the floor. You explain that you have not came in several days, in anticipation of seeing me. Collared and cuffed on your wrists and ankles, I place a cock around your bits- a ritual I partake in before play for all who submit to me. I flash a devious smile and order you to kiss from my feet, all the way up to my thighs, leg by leg. Still blindfolded, you fumble around to find my feet and begin your dutiful worship. After a bit of this I grab you by the hair and have you kiss my inner thighs, then push your nose in between my legs. “Smell my cunt- tell me how nice the it is”. Your cock is dripping as you take in my scent through the thin sheer fabric covering my pussy. “It’s wonderful. Thank you”. You are startled as I pull your head up by the ear and spit into your mouth. “Swallow”, I say. You comply. “Be prepared to swallow lots of things today”, I whisper in your ear. I remove your blindfold. Relieved, you look me up and down and begin stimulating yourself. “What do you mean?” you ask. “You’ll find out” I reply, coyly, as I secure your hands behind your back with your cuffs, making you unable to touch yourself. Feeling excited from my thighs being worshipped, I remove my bra and guide you to suck on my erect nipples. A wave of pleasure washes over me and I am instantly aroused, moving your head between both of my breasts as I please. Lifting up my arms, I order you to smell under them. Inhaling my aroma and worshipping my armpits, you go back and forth between this and sucking my nipples. I moan, as these areas are so sensitive for me. Growing hornier, I turn around and instruct you to kiss my ass. I can feel you admiring my bottom as you struggle to reach it. Moving away, I tease you as you shuffle closer. I push your nose and mouth between my cheeks and force you to inhale. 

After you thoroughly cover my ass in kisses, I let your hands loose from behind your back and push you onto the floor, lying face up. My heels straddle your head as I stand above you and drop my wet panties down onto your face. You open your mouth, tasting my juices from the fabric, your cock throbbing. Stepping out of my panties and tossing them aside, I squat down and sit my ass on your chest. You try to reach it with your tongue, and I move away once again. “Please, let me lick your ass”. I move my ass a little closer. “Beg me”, I say. “Oh please, please, I wanna…” and now my ass is right on your face, and you worship me eagerly. I moan as I feel your tongue lick up and down my crack. I bounce my ass on your face for a little and allow you to worship it. Tilting my hips, I place my dripping wet pussy over your mouth. “Suck on my clit, boy” I instruct, as your tongue furiously moves back and forth over my cunt. Waves of pleasure run through me as I aggressively use your mouth for my pleasure. I deprive you of breath as I force my whole pussy into your mouth. After a few minutes of moving myself back and forth over your tongue. “Don’t move, I’m gonna cum so hard!” I say, exploding into a series of intense orgasms. Moaning, I squirt onto your face and drench you as I cum over and over, suffocating you in my juices. Your cock looks as if it is about to explode, and I tease it a bit by jerking it with some of my cum on my hands, and then slap it. I have you gently lick the outside of my cunt for a few minutes as I come down from my orgasms, eventually lifting myself off of your wet face.

Naked, I walk across the room towards the door and unlock it. Hearing the lock click open, you seem a bit startled and ask if there is someone outside. “I’m really horny now from being worshipped and I really need to fuck. You were a good fluffer for me. I have a hot guy friend here to join us”. “What?!”, you reply, legs trembling. A handsome young man with dark features walks into the room, and greets me with a hug and a kiss. “My friend Tom is here, he has a really nice dick”. You are still restrained with the blindfold on and cannot see him, or I. “No, please no!” you cry. I laugh and instruct him to take his pants off. Tom kneels over your face as I begin sucking his big, perfect dick above you. Removing the blindfold, I say “this is what you want me to do to you, right?” You watch in awe as I deep throat his cock, it slides into my crimson lips, saliva dripping onto your face. It’s apparent that I am now insanely horny and wanting him to fuck me after a few minutes. Turning around, I kneel above you on all fours, my legs on each side of your face. Tom gets behind me and slips his huge cock into my wet pussy, inches from your face. You lay there, in disbelief, as his cock slides in and out of my tight little cunt. Cum oozes down my thighs onto your cheeks as you struggle, but then you slowly accept this humiliating punishment. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!” I scream as Tom grabs my ass with both hands and fucks me vigorously, causing me to have multiple orgasms as I moan in pleasure for several minutes. You are so visibly aroused watching me above you. “You like watching me get fucked by this big fat dick? I know you want this pussy” I taunt, as I throw myself back and forth onto his dick. 

I spread my knees and lower my clit onto your mouth. “Lick my cunt while he fucks me”. You comply, taking my mound into your mouth as his cock slides into my hole above, only an inch from your face. “Harder", I order. Your tongue stimulates my clit as he pounds me, and I cum over and over, juices squirting all over your face and into your mouth. Toms cock grows inside me and I can feel him get close to climax as I keep orgasming. After a minute he explodes inside of me as we both cum at the same time. My cunt is completely filled and his cum drips out of me. “I want you to eat my cream-pie” I order. “No, no!” you say, but it’s too late. He slides his cock out of me as I tilt my hips forward, sitting my cum-filled pussy on your mouth.  You can taste my juices mixed with his jizz. I push his cum out of me and force you to swallow it all, not lifting up from your face. Once I am finished I lift my pussy off of your lips and slap you across the face. “This is what you get, if you want to be my sex slave” I say, as I disappear into the bathroom with Tom to shower. Lying there in awe, flashes of what just occurred swirl around in your mind as you make sense of things. “Thank you” you say, as I close the door of the bathroom.

March 2016 by Devorah Reine

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OH my!

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Sounds fun... except for eating the creampie.   Not my thing.... just so you know when I get there.

tophat clamdiver69
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I'll be your Tom 😜

tophat nvrider
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I'm ready,  You don't you and Tom invite me over.  I dream of that action daily.

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Glad you all enjoy and are still reading this!


Devorah Reine

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You have  a wicked talent for erotic prose...awesomely complimenting your sexy looks....every mans dream of a sexy woman with a dirty mind...

Avatar164523 1
tophat Titanium
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i enjoyed reading this. very well written with enough detail to have me hard

tophat subsequent
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OMGoddess... please use me as your cuckold anytime! This is seriously one of the hottest things i have ever read! I am ready to surrender...