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rose  SexiSami
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 Pressing my body up against your back, I reach around for your cock. Turn you around , kiss your soft  sweet mouth. Our tongues softly meet, flickering back and forth.

Soft kisses, sweet giggles, my hand on your growing cock. I look you in the eye and grab the shampoo, taking your hand  in mine I pour shampoo in your palm. Kissing  with the cool water rolling down on us, I guide your hand to my breast.

The slickness of the soap on my hard nipples send thrills into my pussy, making me long for you inside of me. You lick my tongue and lips, slurping the cool shower water as it trickled into our mouths, gently sucking and nibbling my mouth. Your hands full of soap, you  stroke my back, between my shoulders…I push my ass up against your throbbing cock and slowly move up and down.


Your hands on my back and in my hair turn me on so much. We gently soaped each others skin, kissing and touching, smiling and gazing into each others eyes. I want you so badly, I need your rock hard cock inside of me, I want your  fingers in  me.

You continue stroking my breast, you bend down to lick and suck my nipple, while your fingers pull and gently twist the other. I moan as I hold your face and beg you to gently suck, reaching down with my hand to feel your cock. hard as a rock, a total turn on. I kiss your chest, stopping at a nipple and running my tongue around its softness.

You feel my tongue lick and suck your nipple until you can no longer handle the pleasure. Your breathing is sharp … I continue downward, kissing my way to your belly button. The shower water is still pounding on us, but I can see your cock dripping with anticipation  I can still  smell the hot aroma of desire as I descend past your belly and take your hardness into my mouth.

I run my tongue around the head, licking the hole and tasting the saltiness of the precum. You moan and dig your hands into my hair, thrusting your hips forward slowly. I suck and bring you  to absolute rigid hardness…then pull away. You groan as I release the head of your cock from my lips. We turn the shower off,...... barely dry . I take your hand and lead you into the bedroom....................................




tophat  Mpellman
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A dream date with you!  Yum!

tophat  50sXfittr
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Great story. A total turn on.  I love when I have shower time during a session.

tophat  ilickalot53
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Damn, that was good! There is no better way to start an encounter than with a shower for two.  My favorite lady always does that with me and it's a huge turn on. Thanks for a great story. 

rose  SexiSami
Since: Sep-2016
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I am glad you all enjoyed. I am working on the finish.

tophat  TTitan
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Wonderful story. Even better that I experienced the real life version yesterday. Your hot stuff, lady.

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tophat  yayaman
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I am glad you all enjoyed. I am working on the finish.

--- oh, it's ok, I finished already..