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Becky begins to get ready for the Halloween party.  She is excited at anticipating what she’ll see and experience at the Party.  It’s one of those adult only Halloween parties with an exclusive guest list, her dear friend Celina invited her to go.  As such she thought it would be appropriate to come dressed in a Playboy Bunny outfit, bunny ears and all.  When she initially purchased the costume, the one that she liked best was only available in a size smaller than what she normally would have preferred.  In her excitement for the party Becky made a rush decision and purchased the costume on the spot anyway.  Arriving back home she tried it on in front of her floor length mirror.  The smaller size gave the impression that her breasts were bigger and almost spilling out of the costume.  The back of the costume looked like she was wearing a thong riding high up on her leg hugging your curves.  Admiring the fit in the mirror Becky can see that her hourglass figure is even more accentuated, this was a good choice.  After one final turn before taking off the costume Becky nods her head in approvals and also realizes that with this fit there’s no way she can wear underwear with the costume.      
After showering, Beck first slips on her nylons, all tight and form fitting, and then the bunny outfit.  One final look in the mirror and Becky smiles, her heart rapidly fluttering at the idea of all the attention she’ll get tonight.  Who knows, maybe she’ll meet someone there. 
The girls show up at the Party 30 minutes after everything started.  The party is well underway with a couple hundred people in a large warehouse, dancing, drinking and socializing when the girls arrive.  Becky’s bunny costume is intoxicating, drawing attention from the passing eyes of the immediate onlookers as she makes her way through the crowd with Celina in tow.  Both men and women alike, stare at Becky as she passes by, fantasizing about her, desiring her and wanting her.  Becky and Celina make their way to the bar and each order a glass of wine, taking survey of the crowd.  Becky’s breasts begin to swell at the excitement of all the attention she is getting.  To further tease the crowd Becky decides to make another walk through in the immediate area but this time she tugs at the Bunny outfit around her hips causing it to bunch around your backside exposing more of your butt cheeks.  As she starts stalking through the crowd, there’s a group of men and women socializing in a tight circle in front of her as she strategically makes her way toward them in order to disrupt their group.  As she slides in between the bodies Becky can feel hands sliding past your butt cheeks and your hips gently squeezing them.  Her breasts rub up against another woman in the group dressed in a Viking warrior outfit.  She quickly moans as Becky presses forward against her sliding your way through the group. As she’s passing the Viking warrior she reaches out and gentle squeezes Becky’s breast and nipple.  Becky quickly gasps in response looking back flirtatiously at the gorgeous Viking warrior.  She smiles back just as Becky is slipping away from her touch craving more attention. 
It’s then that Becky notices an area walled off from the main floor with the only one darkened entrance.  She looks back to see if Celina is still at the bar, she is and is currently flirting with two handsomely dressed comic book characters.  As Celina has occupied herself quite nicely, Beck decides to enter the darkened entrance.  As she enters and her vision adjusts Becky sees that it’s a longer hallway with a series of smaller opened room next to each other.  There are flashing lights and disco balls on the ceiling to barely light the way for Becky to see.  Each of the rooms have occupants dressed in various outrageous costumes standing in the entrances.  As she goes to investigate further she sees why the entrances are occupied as they are.  In the middle of the rooms are couples or a group of couples engaged in some form of sexual act on display for the crowd.  Men and woman in wonton lust in various forms of undress penetrating one another. 
Becky is thoroughly excited now, she can feel herself becoming wet with ecstasy.  In one of the rooms there are two men and a woman.  They are completely naked, the woman on top of one man while the other penetrates her ass, double penetrating her.  The onlookers are either masturbating on their own or women are on their knees sucking off the nearest man.  All this is too much for Becky and she slides the Bunny material away from between her legs, exposing her clitoris and begins to masturbate over your nylons.  She can feel herself getting wetter and wetter.  The show and the attention are too much for an already exited Becky and she feels the wave of orgasm coming to fruition.  It’s not long before her orgasm explodes inside her causing her to almost rip her nylons and insert her fingers in her pussy.   
Reality sets in before she completely gives in to her desires and she stops regaining her composure in hopes of looking into other rooms.  She readjusts her outfit covering herself back up and begins to explore once again.  At the end of the hallway there doesn’t seem to be many people looking into the last room so she goes to investigate further.  People leave as she gets closer and when Becky enters the room no one is there.  She turns to leave but discovers the entrance is partially blocked and she is face to face with the Viking warrior woman from outside and her Viking warrior male companion.
The Viking warrior woman presses her breasts up against Becky and before she can do anything else the Viking warrior woman moves forward and kisses Becky on the mouth.  A hot fire reignites inside of Becky, her mouth is so sweet.  The Viking warrior woman starts tugging on the Bunny material covering Becky’s breasts in order to release them.  At the same time the warrior’s male companion moves to stand behind Becky rubbing her nylons over your butt cheeks and sliding the material to the side exposing her pussy covered in the nylons.  As Becky then pulls away from the warrior woman kissing her, she unzips the back on her Bunny outfit slightly to release her breasts.  They spill out and the Viking warrior takes a hold of them, sucking on Becky’s nipples.  Becky moans at the warm slippery mouth licking her breasts but the sound of the music overshadows everything.  The Viking male behind Becky, after sliding the material to the side reaches underneath Becky and begins to play with her clitoris. At first Becky squirms from side to side as she is still a little sensitive but after a few moments excitement builds again and she is ready for more.  Becky is completely lost with the two Vikings submitted to their wants and needs. 
The Vikings pull away from Becky and as they do she notices there’s a little audience watching the three of them play.  Taking this playfulness to the next level, the Viking woman slips off her bikini bottom and lies down on her back in front of Becky.  Her male companion guides Becky down on top of the woman into the “69” position.  The Viking woman immediately takes Becky’s wet throbbing clitoris in her mouth and moving her tongue in various circles.  Becky begins to moan out loud again and moves her head down to the warrior woman’s pussy taking her clitoris in her mouth.  The Viking male, seeing the women in ecstasy orally pleasuring one another, gentle pushes Becky’s legs apart, pushing to the side the Bunny material and ripping her nylons.  He pulls out his cock from his costume and pushes it inside of Becky starting off slowly and rapidly increasing the motion.  With the combination of the crowd watching Becky and her new friends and the Viking warriors fucking and orally pleasuring her it drives Becky to the brink once again.  It’s not long before the man pulls his cock out of her just long enough for her to feel the man ejaculating on her pussy dripping downwards.  The Viking woman underneath Becky seeing this, immediately starts to lick all around her pussy to capture and take in the man’s dripping cum. 
After the deed is done the onlookers dispense and Becky is left alone with the Viking couple. All three of them tidy up and head out to the bar to sit for a drink and a little conversation.  As she makes her way to the bar with the couple, Celina reappears approaching Becky inquiring about the room and her new friends.  Becky invites Celina to join the three of them for a drink and to hear the tale of their meeting.

tophat Sjnative72
Since: Jun '16
pushpin 150 - 7 Reviews


Original story I posted to this forum over 14 months ago. Re-posted in case anyone missed it.

Synopsis: A young woman attending a Halloween costume party slips into a rather revealing costume, intended to attract attention from other patrons at the party, while slipping off her inhibitions and has more fun than she would have imagined.