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   It was early morning along the stroll. The black of night hovered over the land, shielding stealthy sirens of the night as they slunk in search of prey. It was through this that I drove, heading north. I cracked my windows, and the chill air entered. The sounds of the street filled my ears.

   How many times have I done this? Hundreds? Thousands? Some things should not be counted. I drove this way for the thrill of the hunt, and to make the boring drive to work less boring. Maybe today will be the day. Maybe my unicorn will make her appearance. Maybe I should be more careful about what I wish for.

   My head turned left, then right, then left again--over and over as my eyes probed the shadows between the streetlights in search of my prize. Past Florin, past 47th, past Fruitridge--the end of the stroll approached. Soon I would pass through the gauntlet another day. Soon I would escape. Just a little further and I would pass the danger zone, past where my unicorn was last seen. And then, without warning, she was there--to my right, staring me down, locking eyes with me, pulling me in. I was trapped. No where to go. My heart raced. Blood coursed through my loins. "Oh my God! Oh my God! I think it's her!" In a state of near-panic, I jerked the steering wheel to the left, and turned down the nearest side street."Oh my God!" I exclaimed as I raced around the block and back out onto the boulevard. She started to cross the street. "She's mine!" I swore, as the other sharks converged. I pulled over, and looked back. "I don't see her. Where is she?!" Finally, with labored breathing, I saw her approach. I quickly moved to unlock the door, and she opened it!

   "Hi," she replied, "It's been a long time."

   "Hi, Sierra. Yes, it has. I've been looking for you for months." I said, as she sat down and closed the door.

   "What do you want to do?" She asked.

   "Do you have a private place we can go? I really want to fuck you!" My pounding heart shook my body.

   "Yes, I do. Go to the end of the street and turn right."

   After multiple turns, and across the main intersection, we arrived at an unpaved alley, and soon we were parked next to a dark spot near a fence.

   "Shall we hop in the back?" She asked. "Can you put on some music?"


   I played Batio's rendition of "Symphony of Destruction" ... oh, the irony.

   "You listen to this stuff?" she asked.

   "Yes, I do." I said, as the thundering chords shook the car.

  "Fuck, yeah!" she replied. I guess it takes a hooker to appreciate good music.

   As she made a move to crawl into the back seat I said, "Be careful. The last time you did that you left a footprint on the ceiling."

   She climbed into the back naked, and then she sat there with her legs up, rubbing her pussy. "Hurry up. I'm waiting."

   "I'm coming. This car is too small, and it's hard for me to get back there."

   Soon I, too, was in the back. I unbuckled the belt around my waist, pushed my pants down to my ankles, and sat down. She was on me in a flash, sliding a condom on me and sucking like a vampire.
   "God, that feels good!" I exclaimed. What amazing suction!
   Then I was ready. She leaned into the front of the car with her perfect ass aimed in my direction. I mounted her. "OH MY GOD! So fucking tight!"

   Minutes passed. "Let's move down onto the seat."

   "It's not going to work." she said.

   "Yes, it is. We did it this way before."

   With one knee on the bench, and one foot on the ground, we continued fucking in doggy. No more than a minute later the sensation increased greatly, and then it happened--a week's worth of sweet cum exploded into her, drenching her sweet meat with my cream. I've never felt that kind of sensation with a condom before, I thought. She really IS tight!

   And then all Hell broke loose!

   "The condom broke!" she yelled.

   "WHAT?!" I yelled, as I felt my cock. She was right. The condom had broken! Panic! Confusion! "Holy, fucking shit!... What the fuck do I do now?", I thought.

   "I CANNOT get pregnant again!" she exclaimed.

   "I've had a vasectomy. You don't have to worry about THAT." I replied. I was worried about something else--something that might stay with me forever, or at least long enough to cause irreparable harm to my personal life. Everything was in jeopardy!

  "And I just got tested for everything." she said, "I was completely clean. Not even Chlamydia." That was at least some reason to feel good.

   I grabbed my gym towel and wiped myself off. Towels are replaceable. I never bought that hand sanitizer. Dammit! And I've got a session in two days! What the fuck do I do?!

   We dressed, drove out of the alley, and I dropped her off where I found her. Then I drove to work, washed hard with soap and water, and sent emails to two of my providers asking for advice. They weren't as worried as I was, and they brought some much-needed calm to my state of panic. I was unusually subdued for the remainder of the day. Was the breaking of that condom the beginning of my own butterfly effect? Time will tell, as I sit calmly and await the storm.

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I like it Plumsucker69.  Good show.

A hobbyist's simultaneous fantasy and nightmare all wrapped in a neat little bow, the breaking of a condom and the aftermath.   

tophat Plum
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Uh, was a complete fantasy. No truth to it at all. ;)