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Ed pulls the car into the parking lot to the Restaurant for their usual nightly dinner.  He gets out of the car and quickly makes a call on his cell phone ignoring his wife Carla.  It’s quite a typical situation for the married couple of 18 years.  They were happy once in their 20’s, meeting just in college and marrying right after graduation.  Ed went into a career in investment banking and Carla went onto law school to become a corporate lawyer.  Their careers seem to be their focus as of yet, or rather for Carla who uses it as a distraction from her husband after she found him cheating on her. 
She really wonders why she’s still with him.  He first cheated on her when she was in law school but she took him back after he begged and pleaded (and even cried) to take him back.  She caught him again a few years ago and wondered if he’d ever been faithful to her.  Emotionally she cannot stand him.  It’s not a money issue for her, she’s a partner at her law firm and makes a pretty good living on her own.  It’s more an image issue, they are a power couple in the community, and a divorce would put them under a microscope in their elite social circles.
For her sake Carla has agreed to overlook Ed’s indiscretions as long as he doesn’t broadcast it openly.  Initially she felts rather embarrassed and ashamed for having to live this kind of dual life but lately as she has become accustom it to it’s been easier to deal with. 
The Restaurant they visit daily is a current client of Carla’s at the Firm.  She has helped the owner on more than one occasion resolve some employment litigation issues, trademark and patent issues and general corporate restructuring.  She would often have meetings with the owner in his office at the Restaurant which would lead to dinner or drinks.  Along with their business dealings the owner has become close friends with Carla who started coming by the restaurant so often it turned into a daily ritual.  The staff knows her well and she is often confused by other patrons as being one of the Restaurant’s manager.
This evening is no different than the previous occasions, Ed and Carla are seated at their usual booth.  Ed still on the phone with some client continues his conversation and gets up to walk outside on the balcony for a little more privacy leaving Carla at the booth by herself.  She actual prefers the isolation and wonders if Ed is really on the phone with a client of another one of his bimbos, she’s lost track.  Not looking over the menu she scans the room to see the other patrons.  That is when she notices the young man sitting by himself, across the room, enjoying his dinner.  He’s an attractive young man, dressed professionally, and looking much like her husband did so many years ago when they were in love.  She stares at him, reminded of a younger Ed, when he slowly looks up at her.  Their eyes meet and Carla looks away, a little embarrassed for staring.  She looks back at him for reasons she can’t explain and he is still looking at her.  He smiles at her briefly and gets up to leave.  Carla is alone once again and looks down at the table and smiles.
For the rest of the week as Ed and Carla go to the restaurant for dinner, Carla’s stranger is there as well.  It becomes a little game for them staring at each other and to catch the other staring back.  There’s no other contact between them only quick little glances and brief smiles.  All that changes the following week.
The next week starts off with business as usual.  Carla and Ed head over to the Restaurant after work having brief small talk about each other’s day.  Carla, who is not really paying attention to what Ed is saying, wonders if her stranger will be there.  They are seated and order drinks.  Ed, his usual self, answers his phone and gets up to the balcony leaving Carla alone once again.  Carla’s stranger is there already seated across the room.  He has not ordered dinner yet and has a bottle of wine at his table.  Carla wonders if her stranger has come with a date and feels a little foolish for continuing her game with him last week.  She quietly berates herself but notices that no one is coming to join the stranger at his table.  Rather she sees him calling over the server to his table, the server leaves and returns with an empty wine glass.  The server pours the wine into the glass and the stranger motions for the server to take it over to Carla.  The server brings over the glass of wine to Carla, who takes the glass of wine, continuing to stare at the stranger and smile at him.  “He’s upped the ante, I can’t let him do that,” Carla wonders to herself, the lawyer in her coming out.  “What to do, what to do?” she wonders to herself as the stranger gets up to walk over to the hallway towards restroom.  Carla comes to a decision and resolves to confront her stranger.  It’s all very exciting to her.  Ed is just outside and she’s acting like a reckless college student.  She gets up from the booth quickly and looking over to see if Edward has moved from his usual position.  With him still outside on the phone and his back facing her, Carla makes her way to the hallway.   
It’s a short hallway that turns at a right angel at the end towards the bathrooms.  Carla enters the hallway just as she sees her stranger turn the right corner and out of sight heading towards the bathrooms.  She picks up her pace slightly in order to make it to the end of the hallway turning the corner.  To her surprise, she turns the corner and nearly walks right into her stranger.  Shocked, Carla abruptly stops letting out a quick sigh….
Before she can react the stranger moves forward and kisses her.  He pulls Carla into him turning towards the wall and pushes her up against it.  Lost in the moment Carla lets her inhibitions go passionately reciprocating.  His taste is sweet and sensual.  After several moments they pull away from each other, the stranger looking into Carla’s eyes, just staring.  Without a word, he looks around the corner and down the hallway to see if anyone is coming.  With the hallway empty, the stranger turns his attention back to Carla kissing her.  As they continue their passionate kissing, the stranger reaches around and gently squeezes Carla’s backside.  She is shocked by his actions but is submissive to his wants.  After some moments, the stranger pulls away from Carla and grabs her hand, leading her into the men’s restroom. 
Carla is reluctant at first.  Going into the men’s room with a stranger is not something she sees herself doing.  She’s a respectable partner in a law firm, not an irresponsible college student.  It’s when the stranger gently pulls her arm and whispering in her ear that he wants her that pushes her over the edge; she agrees and enters the restroom.  It was that and the idea that Ed has been habitually unfaithful to her and has been emotionally absent for the last few years. 
The restroom is empty when the two enter and they head towards the stall at the far end.  As soon as they enter the stall and close the door, they continue passionately kissing.  This time, however, the stranger unbuttons Carla’s blouse tugging at her bra reaching for her soft skin underneath.  She seemingly forgot how quickly she can become excited at the touch of a hand on her breasts and nipples.  Unlike Ed with his dry and rough hands, the stranger’s hands are soft and smooth.  Carla feels on fire with ecstasy and raw emotion and reaches for the stranger’s trousers to unbutton them, rubbing and grabbing at his growing phallus underneath.        
Carla unbuttons the pants, his cock is fully erect and throbbing as she pulls it out releasing it from captivity.  She moves from the stranger’s mouth to his cock, taking him all in her mouth.  Her inhibitions tossed aside as she is standing in the stall bent over, face in the stranger’s crotch, thrusting her head up and down the length of his penis.  The alcohol she consumed earlier has relaxed her throat muscles as she makes her all the way to the base of his penis.  Pushing herself further she holds her breath as she deep throats the stranger until she feels him convulsing.  Releasing him and coming up for air she gasps taking in deep breaths, filling up her lungs with much needed oxygen.  After a few quick breaths of air the stranger capitalizes on the situation and begins to kiss Carla once again, this time grabbing at her pants.  At the moment he’s able to unclasp her pants, the stranger pulls them down along with her panties just above her knees, turning Carla to face the wall of the stall in order to get behind her and penetrate her.  His slick cock searching for the entrance, find its way and he slowly pushes himself into Carla.  Carla pulls her head back and arches her back in order to help the stranger push himself further inside her.  The sensation is immense.  Carla has forgotten how long it’s been since she last had sex.  She is breathing harder now as the stranger thrusts himself inside and out of her.  Then, all at once, their animalistic passion ceases as they both hear the door to the restroom open and another occupant enters.  Fear sets in as Carla immediately sits down on the toilet lifting her legs up so as to not give away the fact that two people are in the stall.  The coldness of the toilet seat shocks her soft skin.  The occupant enters another stall, not directly next to Carla and her stranger, and they hear the opening of a newspaper.  It looks as if they might be a while, it’s a good thing there are wider base at the bottom wall of the stall for Carla to rest her feet upon. 
As they stay motionless and quiet in the stall waiting for the occupant to finish, Carla can see the stranger beginning to lose his erection and the stiffness of his penis starts to recoil.  For reasons that she won’t later be able to explain, Carla grabs a hold of the stranger’s penis and pulls it towards her.  While still as quiet as a mouse, she begins once again to orally pleasure her stranger.  She looks up at him riding his penis looking at him trying not to make a sound while thoroughly enjoying himself.  Carla begins to feel perspiration build up around her face and chest area giving her an evil idea.  She stops sucking on the man long enough to unbutton the rest of her blouse and remove it along with her bra.  Spitting in her hand she lubricates the slightly wet valley between her ample breasts.  She then takes his wet cock and places it in between her breasts while pushing them together, slowly and quietly, riding up and down letting him tittyfuck her.  The stranger obviously enjoying this just as much as the blow job places his hands over Carla’s hands pushing her breasts together and thrusting himself between her breasts.  Carla sees her stranger starting to convulse harder and assumes he is close to his orgasm.  Instead of having him splash his semen all over her breasts, making a mess, Carla releases her breasts and takes him inside her mouth just as his semen shoots out splashing all over the inside her mouth and down her throat.  She takes it all in swallowing everything and leaving nothing behind.        
They finish up continuing to stay motionless as they hear the occupant in the nearest stall folding up the newspaper and flushing the toilet.  They wait until they hear him wash his hands and exit the restroom.  After the restroom door shuts, Carla and her stranger exit the stall.  They both adjust themselves, Carla finishing first and heading out the restroom quickly to avoid being caught leaving the stranger behind.  She quickly walks down the hallway and back into the restaurant to see Ed sitting at their booth.  She moves towards the booth telling Ed she was in the restroom.  He nods, suspecting nothing, telling her that he already ordered for the both of them.  Carla starts with some small talk about her day hoping to resume a rather typical evening when she sees the stranger returning to his table.  He does not look at her or make any kind of subtle gesture.  
The rest of the evening goes by uneventfully until Carla and Ed get ready to leave.  As they walk out the server who brought Carla the wine earlier calls out to Carla telling her the owner wants to see her in his office.  Carla tells Ed she’ll meet him in the car and follows the server to the back to the owner’s office.  As they are out of view, the server turns around to face Carla.  “The owner isn’t here and doesn’t want to see you,“ he says as he pulls out a business card from his pocket.  “The gentlemen who sent you the wine asked me to give you this and tell no one else.”  The server hands Carla the card and she takes it.  As the server returns to the restaurant floor, Carla looks at the card.  The business card is that of an accountant from a local large accounting firm that Carla is familiar with, she isn't familiar with the name on the card just the accounting firm.  On the back of the card is a short written note, “Call me anytime” it says.
Carla smiles seductively and places the card in her wallet.  She’ll call him tomorrow.