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Susie sits alone in her dimly lit living room, her hands cupped together holding a warm cup of coffee.  “Damn it!” she shouts out angrily throwing the cup across the room, shattering against the opposite wall spilling coffee on the floor.  “I hate fucking men”, she mutters under her breathe as she looks down to the floor.  Her cell phone on the table with a single text message visible from her close and dear friend Carrie, “Hey – saw John today out with that BITCH.  He’s an asshole!  Ur better off w/o him”.  John, her now ex-boyfriend, had announced last week that he needed some time to himself and felt their relationship going nowhere.  Of course, he failed to mention how she was his support chain him while he was in between jobs.  When he did find a job he would whine about having to go into a job on a daily basis and then miraculously find a way to get himself fired (of course, it would never be his fault).  Susie was at her wits end with John and was considering leaving him anyway.  What hurt so much was that she let him talk her into and going along with his poor behavior and broken promises, and of course, she found out John was cheating on her.    
The clock on the wall turned to 7pm.  Time to start getting for work.  Susie’s a stripper at the local gentleman’s club.  When she first started working there several years ago, she told herself it would only be a temporary situation but the money turned out to be too good to stop and go get some dead end office job making less.  She first met John at the Club all those years ago and he was all talk, arrogant, and full of himself.  He sure enjoyed the attention he was getting by dating a stripper.  Looking back Susie mentally sees the red flags that went up back then that she ignored.  John always trying to get dances from other girls without paying and him always trying to get her to ask the different girls to join them for a threesome.  The trip down memory lane just fuels her anger and rage, twisting her stomach in knots.
It’s later in the evening when Susie arrives at the Club to start her shift.  She enters at the back of the building with the other girls and can see that the Club is sparsely filled with patrons.  Another day another dollar.  She follows her ritual of getting ready for work almost with thinking; she showers at the Club then sits at her mirror applying her makeup, earbuds in her ears listening to her music drowning out the talk and drama from other girls walking by. 
The Club is busy when men as Susie enters the main hall.  She stands off to the corner near a wall, overlooking her hunting grounds.  She is dressed in a skimpy little bikini, her breasts are barley contained by her top spilling out over the sides.  She surveys the area of men, laughing and carrying on.  She rolls her eyes wondering why she came in tonight and didn’t make up some excuse to stay home.  A long sigh and she shakes off her cynicism heading over to bar for a much needed drink.  She orders a shot of tequila, mentally preparing herself to dance and grind on men and anticipating the usual funny stuff from freeloaders and the “touchy” ones.  Susie finishes her drink and stalks through the crowd of men, eyes moving from one side to another, looking for the right prey. 
An unsuspecting hand grabs at her wrist and she turns to face the perpetrator.  “Hey baby, where you going?” slurs out a burly man with a half shaven face, he stinks of stale beer.  Susie, disgusted, pulls her hand away at the intrusion and brushes the patron off.  It’s going to be a long night.  After a short time wandering around the room Susie sees two men sitting at a small table off away from a stage and the crowds of men.  She struts over as one of the men take notice of her.  “Hi guys, whatcha doing over here all by your lonesome, care for a little company?” she purrs seductively to one of the men.  “Oh you work here with all these young girls?” one of the men rudely asks slurring his words.  “Do we get some kind of MILF discount?”  Susie doesn’t respond and walks away.  She hears one of the men behind her yell out, “Hey baby, I was only kidding, come back” but Susie ignores him.  She is frustrated.  Men are so cheap, they come to the Club knowing it will cost for dances and they think they’re so smart and cute at trying to find ways of negotiating for a discount.
She heads back to the bar for a water.  Sipping at the water bottle and looking for potential customers, one such patron catches her eye.  He’s not sitting down at a table but standing up against the back wall.  He’s got a bottle of beer in his hand but not drinking at it.  She can see that he is surveying the floor, much like she does.  He’s a hunter, she can recognize those identifiable traits after having worked at the Club for as long as she has.  He’s not like other men she has seen do this, he’s different.  Patient.  Calculating.  Looking for something specific.  He’s an attractive man, dressed in slacks and a polo shirt.  “What’s his angle?”  Susie wonders to herself, “What’s he looking for?”
She continues to watch him making sure he doesn’t see her.  “Is he with someone and waiting for them?”  She waits and watches.  He continues to survey the room, taking a slow random sip from his beer.  After sometime she convinces herself to make a move a little closer to him along the wall.  As she steps away from the bar a crowd of men and woman walk by distracting her.  Drunk and stumbling into one another Susie loses sight of the stranger she’s been watching.  The she clears past the crowd, but her stranger is gone from his post.  Susie looks around quickly to maybe catch where he left too but he’s just disappeared.  Disappointed at the dead end, Susie resume her post and stalks around the room.
Some hours go by and she’s in the back of the Club in the dressing room talking a break.  The night has been a bust so far, she’s pushed away far more men than she’s danced for.  The two she gave lap dances too groped at her trying to touch her underneath her bikini.  Disappointed that there are several hours of this left she puts back on her game face and heads out to the floor.  Again she heads to the bar for her ritual drink.  She leans to one side of the bar waiting for the bartender to finish up his current order of drinks when the cologne slowly sneaks upon her and surrounds her.  She recognized it immediately, it’s her favorite cologne.  She’s bought many bottles for her ex but they all seemed to disappear.  She suddenly panics thinking that it might be John standing next to her at the bar.  She slowly turns to the side, hoping and praying John isn’t there but instead sees her stranger from earlier in the evening.  He’s taller close up and his shoulders are broader, she can make out his lean torso in the polo shirt.  His dark penetrating eyes meets here and he smiles widely.  “Hi, there.  I’m Edward.  What’s your name?” he asks holding out his hand.  “I’m Karman” replies Susie giving out her dancer name, taking his hand and shaking it.  His skin is soft and smooth, not rough like other men’s hands.  His cologne is intoxicating.  “Hello Karman, it’s very nice to meet you.” he replies.  “I’m came here for a drink, can I buy you something to drink?” he asks.  Susie is somewhat confused and hesitant, rarely does a man buy her a drink in the Club of his own volition and not because he has to by going to the Back Room.  “I’d love a glass of Chardonnay,” she finally responds, closing her eyes and taking in his cologne.  “Wine it is,” Edward smiles back and turns to the bartender to order the drinks.  Susie’s looking at him now checking out the entire package.  Edward’s definitely in shape, not the skinny rail that her ex-John praised of himself.                
They get their drinks a give a small toast.  After a sip Edward states, “I’ve been looking all night for a woman and I keep seeing just these young girls.  It looks like I’ve found a treasure here at the bar.”  Susie smiling back as her heart flutters in excitement.  It’s not often she hears that in the Club nowadays from someone not slurring their words.  “We should find someplace more intimate to go,” Edward states looking around at the crowded room.  “Where shall we go, all the chairs on the floor look to be taken,” Susie replies.  “Would you mind going to the Back Room?” asks Edward, looking warmly at Susie, smiling.  “Of course.” She replies, I’ll lead the way. 
The Back Room was a self-contained room off to the side of the main room.  Girls gave dances here in a much more private and intimate environment, ranging from a half hour to however long a customer would like, assuming they had the means to do so.  Susie led the way to the back room holding Edward’s hand so he didn’t lose her in the crowd.  “His hands are soft,” Susie thinking to herself, “I wonder what his secret is?”  They make their way to the entrance of the Back Room where a waiting Security Guard meets them.  Edward pays for an hour with Susie and they are led further into the Back Room to a semi private booth.  “Have you been here before in the Back Room?” asks Susie as they sit down in the booth.  Edward answers that he has and Susie then briefly confirms what the “rules” are, he can touch her but not between her legs.  Edward agrees and Susie begins her dance.  
Even before starting she wonders how many times she’ll have to remind him of the rules.  No matter what a man says on the floor they always seem to forget or at least see what they can get away with.  As she begins to rub on him, she notices that his slacks make it easy to slide around unlike hard denim.  Susie breathes a sigh of relief, no rough burns on her skin from this dance.  As she continues to move on his lap in her routine she waits and anticipates for him to grab at her but he doesn’t.  His hands are down at his side.
What’s this guy’s angle?” wondering Susie as she moves to the beat of the music playing of the speaker system.  She has forgotten what is was like to dance for a man in slacks.  As she is able to slide around without causing friction on her skin she feels excitement building up from her clitoris rubbing easily on Edward’s leg and crotch.  Edward’s hands are still at his side.  As a reward for not pawing at her, Susie moves into position so she is facing Edward and straddling him on his lap.  She moves her ample breasts over his face, first rubbing them over his eyes then moving down.  She then moves her nipples past Edward’s mouth, teasing him to take them.  He responds taking the nipple into his mouth very gently and nibbling on them.  Susie’s excitement increases as she pushes her breast further into Edward’s face.  Edward then moves to massage the other breast with his hand.  “Oh this guy is good,” she wonders as she begins to lose herself in the dancing and the music and the excitement.  It’s then that she can feel Edward’s cock begin to swell in his trousers.  He’s bigger than her ex, noticeable bigger.  Edward pulls away from Susie’s breasts and looks up at her.  She looking down at him into the dark pools that make up his eyes and notices then that Edward is touching her, but only on the side of her hips.  Nothing to worry about or so Susie thinks as Edward gently grips Susie’s hips moving them forward and back rubbing her on his lap.  Susie filling up with excitement allows Edward to move her along his cock.  Her breathing increases and she feels an orgasm building up.  “How can that be,” she wonders “It’s been so long since I came at work.”  The tempo at which Edward moving Susie on his lap increases as the orgasm washes over Susie.   She throws her head back moaning out loud but not heard by anyone else in the immediately area as the music drowns out her voice.  As her clitoris becomes too sensitive to the touch Susie hugs Edward tightly in an effort to get him to stop.  Lost in the moment and filled with emotion she pulls back and kisses him.  Edward’s lips are as soft as his hands and his taste so sweet.  Reasoning coming back to her Susie pulls away from Edward, shocked at her behavior.  Aside from her ex she never passionately kissed a customer like that.  Edward, frozen and staring back at her with his dark eyes, watches as Susie slides off his lap.  She’s not looking at him, clearly embarrassed. ”I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that,” Susie says to Edward still breathing heavily.  “I need to go, I’m sorry, I’ll give you back the money for the unused time.” Susie says to Edward as he quickly responds telling her not to worry about it and asking if she’s OK.  Susie doesn’t respond to Edward but quickly gets up instead making her way to the exit of the Back Room for the dressing room.  She doesn’t stop and enters the dressing room just wanting to hide trying to mentally determine why it was that she was lost control like that with a client.  She starts a shower to clean up hoping to leave early.

After a warm shower she gets the OK to leave and cleans up.  While getting ready she stops and relives the scene in the Back Room with Edward.  She allows herself to smile at it.  He was, after all, a complete gentleman with her.  She felt at ease with him, unlike other men.  As she leaves the Club for her car her cell phone buzzes indicating a text message.  Thinking its Carrie she looks at her phone only to see a text message from her ex, John.  “Hey Babe”, the message begins, “Are you working tonight?  Maybe I can stop by for a dance like old times.”
Susie is beside herself with rage.  That jerk has the audacity to text her and want her to dance for him.  Susie is now shaking almost ready to throw her phone down on the ground.  That asshole!  Thinking of how to angrily respond she is startled to hear footsteps in the distance close by.  She instinctively looks up to see………Edward quietly walking in the parking lot to his car.  All of her frustration and rage leave almost instantly as she is just staring at him.  Edward has not noticed that he’s being watched.  For reasons she later couldn’t explain she starts to walk briskly over to Edward as he reaches his car.  Before getting into his car he notices her coming toward him and stops and stares at her.  She stops a couple a feet from him staring back not saying a word.  After a few awkward moments, like before as logic and reasoning coming back to her, and she turns to leave but before she can she feels a soft hand holding her wrist.  She turns to look back at Edward, who is holding her wrist, as he moves forward pulling her close to him to kiss her.  His taste is just as sweet as before as Susie passionately kisses him back becoming lost in the emotion.  He pulls away from her, staring at her with those dark eyes and he opens the door to his SUV motioning her to get in.  The seats are down in the back seat and Susie, still lost in the emotion, climbs in the car into the back lying down on her back.  Edward quickly joins her and continues were he left off kissing Susie.  His hand reaches down rubbing Susie leggings in between her legs and the fire from earlier reignites insider her.  They pull away from one another and Susie moans out loud and Edward moves down her.  He tugs on her leggings, pulling them down.  Susie instinctively helps him to remove her leggings, she is not wearing any underwear, as Edward spreads her legs open to orally please her.  “Oh God!” Susie calls out in anticipating at what is going to happen next.  It has been so long since a man has gone down on her.  Her ex John hated going down on her and always made excuses but he always insisted that she suck on his cock.  As it turns out Edward’s rather good at orally pleasing her, he’s done it plenty of times before.  At first his technique starts off slow, moving his tongue in various circles manipulating her clitoris.  Before long her excitement escalates to the point of another orgasm, like a wave crashing into her.  She explodes.  As sensitivity moves in she pushes Edward’s head away from her and he rolls onto his back lying next to you.  They do not speak, all is silent except from the random noise outside off in the distance of patrons leaving the club.  As she catches her breathe, Susie rolls over, still silent and begins to unbutton Edward’s pants.  He watches her as she finishes and pulls out his cock.  Stroking his gently so takes him in her mouth and nearly gags.  She’s so used to her ex’s smaller member and didn’t realize it would be that much of a difference.  To avoid gagging herself Susie slowly works on the head of his penis and then works her way down the shaft taking more into her mouth.  Edward is responsive and begins to move his hips around gyrating on the floor slowly pushing himself further into Susie’s mouth and down her throat.  After a few moments, it’s time.
Susie takes Edward’s member out of her mouth, and slides forward up his torso in order to ride him.  At first, like the blow job, he’s too big to penetrate her without hurting her.  She moves slowly, forward and back, first inserting the head of his penis into her then pushing downward.  As the cock stretchers her as it’s pushed further inside her, Susie begins to moan and her breathing slowly increases.  As before in the Club, Edward holds onto her hips moving them up and down his cock faster.  He is getting more and more excited as it feels like his cock is getting bigger inside of Susie.  Edward, moaning out loud, exclaims that he’s ready to come as his hot liquid sprays inside of Susie.  When he is finished and they are both exhausted from their dance, Edward and Susie lie down closely together next to each other on the floor of the SUV for what seems to be an eternity.    
Without saying a word, Susie sits up, pulls up her leggings and moves forward to the door of the SUV.  Edward puts his on Susie’s arm, hoping she would stay with him and go home but she only looks back while opening the door to the SUV and stepping out into the night air.  She continues her silence adjusting her clothes and shutting the door leaving Edward behind.   She briskly walks to her car, gets in and drives away hoping no one will notice her moving from one car across the parking lot to another. 
All she can think on the way home is texting Carrie.  “You slut, I knew it.” Carrie texts back responding to Susie after she texted her the events of the evening.  “I don’t think we can be friends anymore, I have standards” Carrie continues with her texting as Susie laughs out loud at the response.  She can imagine Carrie laughing at comic talent while she’s texting Susie back.  “What would I do without her,” Susie wonders to herself putting her phone down.  After a long hot shower, Susie gets ready for bed.
Susie and Carrie agree to have an early dinner the next day in the evening so Susie can tell her everything in all of its glorious detail.  They agree to meet at a small family style restaurant.  Waiting for Carrie inside, Susie gets a text from her saying that she’s going to be a little late.  In Carrie-talk that means she’s going to be a lot later that she indicates.  Susie decides to go to the small bar in the restaurant and have a drink and wait.  Sitting at the bar, watching TV, unaware of the people around her, a sharp cold feeling comes over Susie all at once.  And then she hears his voice.  “Hey there Suz, funny meeting you here.” replies her ex-boyfriend John from behind her.  Susie turns slowly around in shock.  “How are you?” his slimy voice rattles on.  Susie, still in shock, is speechless.  There he is standing there with his new girlfriend, reveling in his glory.  Susie is overcome with emotion, standing there tearing up when the scent of that familiar cologne sneaks up upon her.  “Hey there hun, I’m so sorry I’m late, I got held up at home,” a familiar voice says coming from off to her side.  Susie looks to see Edward, all tall, broad shoulder and muscular.  Without thinking Susie instructively grabs at Edwards shirt, pulls him close and kisses him passionately.  As they stop and move away from one another Susie turns to John to see his smirking face of glory turn into utter defeat.  John thought he had the upper hand showing off his new girlfriend trying to make her jealous and Susie’s clearly already moved on.  “Oh I’m sorry, what was I thinking?” Edward saying out loud, “I’m Edward” holding out his hand.  “We should get going,” mutters John walking away pulling his date with him.  Looking over at Susie, Edward rhetorically asks, “Was it something I said?”  Susie laughing putts her hand over her mouth to muffle the sound.  “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met, I’m Edward.” As he holds out his hand to Susie.  “I’m Susie” she responds taking his hand.  “It’s very nice to meet you Susie,” he exclaims, “I was going to sit down here at the bar and get a drink, I would love it if you joined me.”  Edward asks.  “I’d like that,” Susie replies moving to a seat next to Edward.

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Great job on this story SJnative 72. Well written and sexy as hell!

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Bumping this story originally posted almost 15 months ago.

This was my second story that I created and posted to this forum after my first story, The Unexpected Meeting, , about a young, jaded woman, working as a stripper for several years (more than she would have initially preferred) and had her relationship with her loser boyfriend recently dissolve, who has just about had her fill with dealing with men in her professional and personal life finds a rather delightful change of pace in the most unexpected of places.

In case you missed the story the first time around following the initial post.  Enjoy.

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Nice topic.))