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The beer was cold, the snacks assembled. It was just another poker night, except for the fact a couple of the girls were showing up. Normally, poker night was a night with the dudes...but, well, their numbers had been down lately, and they said they were down.

Actually, what Elizabeth had said was, "Oh, I know who would like to play with y'all. I'll bring a few of my girls."

They entered in a chorus of giggles, sweaty bottles of bubbly in their hands and skimpy clothes. Oh, it was a fabulous season and the heat was inspiring the ladies to wear less and less. It was all sun dresses and jean shorts. Elizabeth dropped herself in the closest male lap. "So are we playing strip poker tonight?"

 "Strip poker?" The guys looked at each other, then the ladies.  "You girls aren't wearing very much, I think we have an unfair advantage. What are you going to do in three rounds when you're naked?"

"I'm not that bad of a poker player." She scoffed, sipping champagne straight from the bottle. "The bluff is strong with me."

"You can bluff, I give you that, but I've seen you play cards....that's why I invited you."

A mischievous chuckle, and the grin to follow. She knew exactly why she had been invited. "When I run out of clothes, I'll just have to wager sexual services. Is that okay with you fellas?"

It was going to be a very unforgettable poker night.....


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rose ElizabethMorgan
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I'd really like to make a poker night like this happen for real.

Still, I'll write a bit more during my camping trips the next couple of weeks.

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Very nice intro Liz.  I like the way you set up the event and the surrounding.   I  can see this is gone to get hot real quick like!

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Elizabeth Ill be happy to come to that kind of poker Night with you and your girl friends smiley