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My Fantasy: 
I'm an early riser and like to get into work early. As I stroll to my classroom at 6:00am, which is a portable room in the back of the HS, I notice a woman in a car waiting for someone. It was still dark so I thought it was unusual as I'm usually one of the first on campus. I proceeded into my room and got settled at my desk. 

All a sudden I hear a knock. I open the door and invite the lady in. Without a word she walked past me towards my desk. I couldn't help to notice her hour glass figure. I followed and had a seat in my chair. Looking into her green eyes I noticed I'm in the presence of one beautiful mom. I asked her what I could do for her. She replied, "I noticed you at the beginning of the year, and you have my son xxx in your class.  I felt I needed to see you as my son needs help."  I started to talk about how she can help him at home and she quickly interrupted me. "No, no, no." She walks around my desk and my chair. She grabs my shoulders in a massage like manner. Leans into my ear. "You help him and I'll help you."  That's when I feel two perfect tits slide around the back of my bald head as she slide her pants to the floor. She spins my chair around and drops to her knees. She pulls my cock out and begins with the tip as works her lips up and down my shaft. Piercing me with her green eyes and lips around my cock I could help but giving her sweet gift to taste. 

I stand her up and place her on my desk. "It's my turn."  I kiss her thighs working my way into her wet pussy. I softly spread her lips and begin to lick and suck her clit. I dig my face beep making her cum, tasting her sweet honey. 

I slide her off my desk and bend her over.  With her lips pinched tight I drop sliding my tongue between her lips. I continue up caressing her firm ass. Rimming her tight ass around and around I go. 

As my cock fills into another hard cock I grab it and slap it against her lips. I. Penetrating her sweet pussy I grab her hips. In a circular motion I begin to pound my hips against her beautiful ass. I thrust my hips deeper and deeper as she looks at me craving more. She sits up with her back against my chest and reaches around my bald head and kisses me with her luscious lips. As we exchange saliva she pulls me out of her wet pussy and sits me down. Straddling me, she begins to ride me with her rounds tits in my face. Ass in hands and face buried in her breast, she rolls her hips into my hard cock faster and faster ending up in a bounce. 

After a bit I stand her up wanting more. I put her against the wall with my body pressed against her. I slide down burying my face in her ass. After a quick taste I stand up sliding my cock back in her. She pops her hips back and I smack her ass trusting my hips into her. She feels me about to unload and quickly drops to her knees sucking my wet cock. Jacking me off I cum all up in her hot mouth. Finishing down to her perfect breast. 

She looks up at me with those beautiful green eyes. I whisper your son will be just fine, she follows with I'll see you at the same time next month to return the favor. 

We clean up and I walk her out, but not after she leans in with a deep kiss and lip nibble. 

The door close, I sit down, wondering if that was a dream.