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There I was, sitting in my office, trying to think of something other than sex. I thought about my back--my lower back, to be specific, and how much pain it was causing me. It happened every so often. But the last time was over a year ago, and now that I'd been working out, I thought my back pain was a thing of the past. I was wrong. Do I go to the chiropractor again? That actually worked last time. I always thought they were quacks, but my back pain was cured after my last visit. Maybe I should go get a massage, I thought. I knew it wouldn't help my back pain, but once I got the idea in my head--the idea of soft, petite, loving hands rubbing oil all over my tight, shaved body--there was no turning back. I immediately went to the bathroom to brush, and wash, and soon I was driving to the massage parlor like a man possessed.

I walked in, and Helen greeted me. She was cute, probably in her early thirties, and she led me to a room. Soon I was naked, face down on the table, with a small towel covering my buttocks. I'd been there before. I knew what expect. So, I pointed my love stick south, and waited for her to enter. 

She knocked, and entered, "Hard?"

"Medium," I replied.

She began with the towel massage, deftly rubbing my sore muscles through the towel. First my back, then my thighs. All the while my throbbing cock begged for attention. 

Soon the towel was set to one side, and out came the oil. Again, as with the towel, she started with my back. With long strokes, she ran her hands along my back and across my buttocks, squeezing them gently on the return stroke. Then she placed both knees on the table, and straddled my head with her thighs, while bringing her eyes over my rock-hard cock. I knew she was getting an eye full, and that just made me even harder. Now her stokes were concentrated along the inner part of my upper thighs, frequently brushing against my cock and balls, as if by accident. Each fleeting touch caused my cock to swell. And by the manner in which she rubbed, and the fact that she lingered so long in that area, I could sense the lust building within her.

Eventually, she left the room to get warm wash cloths, and when she did, I reached down, between my thighs, and ran my fingers along my cock--now slick from the oil that dripped off my thighs, and from the sweet juices dripping out. It was longer and harder than usual; I don't usually get THAT excited by a woman's touch.

After returning, and wiping the oil off my backside, she held out the towel and told me to flip over. She let out a slight laugh, and smiled, as she said it. We both knew what was coming. We both knew that the towel was completely unnecessary. 

She gave the customary face massage, while my cock lay buried in the towel, waiting impatiently for her touch. Then, as she leaned over me to rub lotion on my chest and abdomen, her breasts brushed against my face. And then she grabbed the bottle of oil, and moved down next to my hips. 

"This needs to come out," she said with a smile and a gentle laugh, as she pulled my legs further apart. I looked into her eyes. I saw her smile through the delicate veil of hair that fell over one side of her face. I saw the bright red lips move as she spoke to me. And then, for the second time in the last few months, it happened to me again: I fell in love.

"This can't be happening to me again," I thought.

Time passed as I struggled against the emotions roiling within me.

"Are you Chinese?" I finally asked her.

"Yes," she said.

"You're probably not going to believe this when I say it, but you're the prettiest Chinese woman I've ever met." I told her, and I meant it. 

"Thank you." She said, smiling, as she continued rubbing.

"I think we both know that this isn't needed," I said as I removed the towel.

She laughed. Then she grabbed the oil, poured a generous portion into her hands, and slid her palms around my cock. I slid one hand down to her firm butt, squeezing gently, while I watched her sweet red lips part excitedly as she milked me with loving strokes. And soon, I exploded. Huge gobs of gooey cum drenched her hands, spilling over onto my abdomen. And then she stood there, in a state of mild shock, while holding her cum-covered hand in front of her. We looked at each other and we both started laughing. Neither of us had expected that much to come out. 

Soon she was back with another wet towel. She cleaned me up, leaned into me, and we gave each other a tight hug--the kind of hug that should not happen between a provider and a hobbyist. She knew what I was feeling, and I could sense that love within her, too. 

I promised to visit her again soon. I gave her a bigger than normal tip, and soon I was walking out the door.

The pain of my back was now eclipsed by the longing in my heart.

tophat Sjnative72
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Great little story.

I'm usually not a fan of the message parlors but this would make me go in hopes of having my own erotic experience.

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rose Aven2015
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Very nice. 


Btw, consider yourself lucky- I think longing is something I experience in a perpetual state. :)