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It was a dark and stormy night. As the rain beat against the side of our cabin, my provider and I were huddled together in a 69 embrace to keep warm. She swallowed my cock deep--juicy gagging sounds filled the air. I echoed her actions on my end. My tongue licked and slurped against her sweet meat with ever-longer stokes--up and down it flicked. I became a rabid beast with unquenchable hunger! Further up I went, and she released a gurgling protest. I didn't care. I wanted to taste everything! Again I licked up far, and again she squealed in protest. And then it happened--my tongue found her black hole...there was no stopping me now! I plunged it deep inside. 
"STOP!" she shouted, as she pulled her mouth off me. "I HAVE DIARRHEA!...Oops..Don't move. I'll get a towel!

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Dude...that's disturbing.  
Unfortunately, I can't unread it.  I just hope it doesn't affect my love for a little rimming.

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Shhhh, unzips anyway.

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somethings are just not funny. this is one of them
Plum, stick to your dayjob

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This is fucking hilarious!! "" I damned near peed myself laughing! 

This story is inspiration! For what?  I'm not sure but suddenly I feel inspired!  😂😘