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tophat  rascal49
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You meet an old friend here for a massage

After a nice soak, he lies down on the table on his back looking up at you as you begin to massage him. His body reactes to each touch. His breath is quick and almost a gasp. His body tenses and you notice his skin warms as his cock begins to grow.

Your breasts hang over his face, and he instinctively begins to nuzzle them as his mouth opens. You can tell he needs to be fed. You expose your breasts and begin to feed him. You place each breast into his mouth one at a time. he sucks each with passion. Soon he needs to taste more of you - you happlily oblige and position your pussy over his face as you reach down his body and massage his thighs and balls.

His tongue immediately begins to explore your wetness. It feels good to you and you begin to grind your hips down into his face. He sucks your clit as his hands grab and play with your ass. You look down his body and see his cock is now rock hard - it needs to be stroked. you slide your hand up and down his shaft, over the head, while you stroke his balls with the other.

You are incredibly turned on as he devours your pussy. You cannot help yourself . You place your mouth on his cock and feed yourself. You begin licking, sucking and kissing every inch of his cock. His hands move from your ass to the back of you head. His hips buck and grind as he rhythmically begins to fuck your mouth. He is strong and his thrusts are forceful.

This hot 69 position we are in lasts for over 10 minutes. We both suck, slurp and gag as we furiously please each other. You soon begin to feel your orgasm coming. Your thighs place my head in a vice like grip as your hips sway and grind - you cum all over me. As you shudder and orgasm you work my occk with your mouth at a quickened pace. You can sense my balls need a release. You pull my cock out of your mouth and stroke it against your cheek. My cock explodes and cum covers the side of your face. You hold the base as my cock bucks and spurts 3 more times. We stay in this position cleaning each other up with our mouths.

An incredible experience!!

tophat  eatncake69
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Now that's  my type of massage session mmmmmm

tophat  Homes58
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You definitely need to get into play writing.
That would be one hell of a scene my friend 
thanks for the arousal!

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rose  kehlani
Since: Dec-2016
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That was very erotic! Loved reading it! F.y.I u started it as if you were speaking of someone else, but ended it about u.

tophat  rascal49
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Glad you caught that kehlani

rose  MelodieMenendez
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tophat  Peter5157
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Damn, i need to find a friend now. yes. Great stuff

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rose  Sashakakasha
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Oh my god I'm in ecstasy

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rose  Shaniece23
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best one I've read in a while...good writes!!

tophat  an0nimus
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Was the switch in POV intentional?