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This piece is catered to voyeurism. I am new at dipping into erotica but thanks in advance for reading. Please feel free to tell me what you think. :)

It's late and I text you. This isn't what I have planned; I could of masturbated with or without your potential phone sexting. What I want, though, is for you to come over and watch me play with myself. I plop my phone to the side of my pillow, look at my pink comforter, at my soft skinny legs, while my hand automatically places itself on my mound. There is no way that you will be up at 4:23 in the morning.

I like the pressure I'm putting on my mound. I'm not fully inserting my fingers, but teasing around my hole to spread the wetness. The phone vibrates and I begin to throb lightly in excitement. You want to come over and watch me. To jerk off to me like the pervert you are. I enjoy this very much, because I am a deviant perverse dirty girl. 

You tell me that I'm not allowed to touch myself until you get to my room. I tell you a white lie, that my hand was only hovering over my pussy. Ha, I still need to get spanked for even thinking about beginning. It's discipline after all. 

I am on my bed with my belly down. The music playing through my headphones doesn't let me hear you walk in my room, but I do feel a presence. This is really happening. We've only met once before. I don't know what you're capable of, so you're practically a complete stranger. My body feels so hot with excitement. I get lost skimming through the book in front of me, and then I feel a hand placed on my ass. Your hand. I haven't even said hello yet and you're already hard for me. The lights are dimmed down. I sit right up, open my mouth and look up with my pleading eyes. I'm wearing a low cut, light purple pajama top that has a bunch of stars on it. You can slightly see my nipples peak through from above. My little shorts are loose enough for you to undress me with your eyes. Your cock slaps on my tongue. You just needed to use my spit as lube, and continued to jerk off to me. A little while later I ask if I can touch myself. Completely ignoring my begging for 5 minutes, you decide that I'm allowed to do so. I want to cum so badly. I begin to squirm around and feel the cum that's accumulated through being horny and watched. It's pressing on my bladder. You begin to walk across the room moaning and grunting. I scream while you're spanking my ass. I deserve it. We're about cum together. Some of your cum gets on my history book, my hair, my glasses and drips down my lips. My shorts are soaked and I'm exhausted from borderline hyperventilating after releasing my cum.

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pretty hot darling!

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well written.  pretty hot.  intriguing really. . . I liked the part about him being almost a stranger . . . and you . . . being almost a submissive . . . and him being almost a master . . . intriguing really.  I have been reading a lot of erotica on . . . . you should check it out.

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rose QuantumCosette
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I had the pleasure of checking it out and I have pleasantly masturbated to one that inspired me to write one up again. Thanks pokermountain <3

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I would love to get a text invitation to something like this!

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rose QuantumCosette
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Lol, I agree with that. Maybe I should start offering this to future friends/clients as well :). 

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Lmfao!!! Keep writing the this naughty pervert 😜

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I like stories that tell and give highly sexually charged situations and play along with viable plots and resolution. I tend to gravitate to lots of descriptions, and the more descriptive the better. Thanks for sharing!!!

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Nightwood.  Nightwood is a 1936 novel by Djuna Barnes first published in London by Faber and Faber. Nightwood is one of the earliest prominent novels to portray explicit homosexuality between women, and can be considered lesbian literature.
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