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First Time with BB – Part Deaux
We were both in the same state – blissed out!  I glanced at my watch and noticed we had 20 more minutes so I made a point to kiss her passionately right after she had swallowed just to let her know how grateful I was and also give her a glimpse of my ‘kinkiness’ level.  She responded with “Wow you ARE kinky – I like that!”  That sealed the deal.  I was already planning our next session together.
I was still standing next to the bed when she pulled herself up to where she was laying with her head on the pillows and her beautiful body lying along the edge of the bed where I was standing.  She reaches over and starts to cup my balls in her hand and asked “Is he completely done or do you want more?”  I said to myself ‘ I don’t believe how fortunate I am to have found this girl ‘  and then out loud “Yes – more please!” 
It took a little effort on her part, but with some deft moves and a little oral coaxing, she got me hard again. All the while I was playing with her ample boobage.  She then held her breasts up on her chest in a ‘hand-bra’ and I started to rub and slap my cock on her closest nipple. She instantly reacted by getting a look of pleasure on her face and her nipple got rock hard.  She took my tool in her hand and said “Its beautiful! Is this the cock that going to fuck me?” and then she smiled this wicked smile.  I kept stroking myself and massaging her boob as she reaches over to the night stand and grabs a condom and a small bottle of lube. Then she did something I never saw before – she puts a drop of lube inside the condom and then puts it on with her mouth.  Then as she is swinging her body around to face me in missionary she’s saying “I want you – I want you”  (I am NOT believing this – this has to be the greatest session ever)
I know better than to ram it right in. So I take my cock and start to rub up and down on her glistening pussy. I slowly start to put the head in when she is saying “I’m stroking your cock – I’m stroking your cock”  As I ever so gently glide my member into her, she is saying real slow “Ooooohhhhhh Fuuuuuuuck”. Then as I start to speed up the pumping and she’s getting turned on, she says “Its so deep – Its so deep”  Now I don’t have the biggest or the longest, so I’m thinking ‘Is there such a thing as a shallow vagina?’  If so – I’m hitting the back wall! 
Then comes the best part – as we’re grinding away, I lift both of her feet together and hold them over her body as I’m straining to push every centimeter of my cock inside her. She feels the tightness of this position and starts to say ‘Yes Yes Yes’  I look down and see her massive mounds rocking back and forth to our rhythm – to this day, I can still get hard thinking about that sight.  Soon she’s starting to say in rapid succession ‘ fck-fck-fck-fck-fck fuck’  - I spread her legs to get a better look at my cock going in 'n out of her burger, when she reaches over and grabs a vibrator and puts it on her clit. In an instant she throws her head back and moans ‘ I’m ccuuuuuuummmmminnnngggg!’ Then puts her arms over her head and starts laughing and gets this big grin on her face and says ‘ yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah’
I stop my gyrations and just hold her with me inside.  I can feel her juices making it so wet its difficult to stay inside. She realizes I haven’t finished and sits up and puts her arms around my waist, looks up and says to me “Why don’t you lay down and let me see what I can do”  I’ve learned to do what I’m told so I lay back on the bed with my legs hanging off the side. She slides off the bed and kneels down between my legs.
As far as I’m concerned, this is what separates the good providers from the great ones. The perseverance and persistence to finish the job – even if it’s the second shot on goal.  (6th & 7th check on my Perfect Session list – Keeps going until the finish AND takes charge when she should, to satisfy her lover)
She begins by removing the raincoat and holding my cock in her mouth. While its in her mouth, she starts to move her tongue back and forth along the shaft. When she comes up for air, she slaps it on her tongue and then hoist her tits up and puts them on either side of my now throbbing dick.  She squeezes those puppies together and starts to slide them up and down. She looks at me and says “Fuck these titties” then she spits on her cleavage to lubricate the valley and I just lose it!   I pump up and down a few times and explode again, this time spewing my goo all over her boobs and face. She smiles and puts my cock in her mouth to suck and swallow whatever’s left. (trust me – there wasn’t much)
I lean over to hug her as she stands up – I kiss her all over everywhere with such gratitude I’ve rarely felt. She holds me against her chest and I can feel her heart beating. I look up and smile, then she excuses herself to the bathroom and comes back with a warm wash rag and hand towel and proceeds to wipe me clean and rub me dry.  I express my thanks and notice we’ve gone over the hour.  I mention it and she says “Oh that’s OK – I had fun too! But don’t let it happen again! “ We both had a good laugh.
As I was leaving, she turns to me and says “My pussy feels so warm and satisfied” To which I said, “Isn’t that the idea?” She smiled as she closed the door behind me.
Post Script: This is fiction but based on real experiences. All names have been changed to protect the guilty.  I went on to see this provider many times in the ensuing months, and believe it or not, the sessions got better.  But alas – all good things must come to an end, and we have gone our separate ways. Oh Well – I still have my memories (and pics and vids – but that’s another story)

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I like

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Now that's a proper encounter. Does she still provide?

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Wow, that was enjoyable to read. Thxs Dude. 
Would love to have her.... If you have her # thxs