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A night like any other, my 37th trip around the burning orb in the sky...

Decided for my birthday to roll the dice.  Why not.  Not like I invest much into it at this particular juncture in time.  Jumped on Craigslist mid afternoon and put a plea out to the ladies.  Basically said it was my birthday and I would be thrilled if someone would show me a good time.  Amazingly, between the SPAM, emerged a gem.  No, I had no idea what she looked like.  At the very minimum it at least seemed like a real person on the other end of the line.  We chatted back and forth over the afternoon.  The boys beckoned me to come out and play.  I decided to stay in and see where this would go...

Nowhere.  Radio silence.

Damn, so waste of an evening.  Shower and get ready for bed.  But wait, what do I hear?  Phone is buzzing at near 11PM.  Not only is it the gal I have been chatting up, but she wants to come over and make my birthday.  I am still skeptical, but send off my address.  I hop in bed, but put the phone on high volume.  About 30 minutes later it blows and there are headlights in my driveway.  Shit, okay so I guess it is on.  Better toss on my pjs and answer the door.

I am greeted at the door by one hell of a sight.  She is about 5' tall, thick yet athletic (I later find out she was a gymnast and cheerleader).  Still not really believing that this is going anywhere I invite her in.  She is cursing like a sailor about her old man.  Apparently she is mad as hell and intends to use me to vent her frustration.  Yeah right, this is going nowhere fast.  But I play along just to be a good sport.  Hell, didn't have anything to do but go to bed at this point so I might as well chat up this young (did I mention probably 20-24yo) gal.  I offer her a drink and we venture back to the bedroom.  She continues to ramble, bitch, curse, lament.

Then, out of the blue she looks at me.  She changes her tone and turns into the sweetest creature I have ever met.  She gives a big grin, says happy birthday, and removes her sweatshirt to reveal a nice Victoria's Secret sheer bra wrapping a beautiful pair of firm c+/d- breasts.  I am somewhat dumbfounded, caught off guard, and just stand there.  She maintains eye contact while simultaneously crossing the room and removing said bra.  She nestles up to me with her naked upper torso, yoga pants, and pair of nike tennis shoes.  I have no idea what happens next, but I am rapidly transitioning to rock hard.  She senses the heightened arousal and reaches down to inspect the damage she is inflicting.

I blink, and this sweet young woman drops to her knees while simultaneously dropping my drawers.  Obviously not her first rodeo.  Not sure who was moaning louder, but needless to say we both were highly enjoying the progression.  She worked her way through several variations of BBBJ while removing the remaining garments she still had on.

After who knows how long the devilish grin dons her face again and she looks me in the eye and says, "well, it's your birthday do you want to get lucky".  At this point the inner monologue is pretty much saying, "shit, we already struck gold".  But I shimmy across the bed like my ass is on fire and grab a condom from the drawer.  I clumsily install the barrier, just as she jumps on me.  Not sure if she said a word, or if she just moaned as she slip me into her moist pussy.  She rode, I flipped her and drove missionary and then gave her dog the bone.  At this point the lights are flickering, the show is pretty much over.  I muster the words to ask where she wants me to come.  "Cum in my mouth" she says as she looks back at me.  Bam!  Game over.  I pull out, remove the cover in haste as I kneel and aim in her general direction.  She spins around like her shit is on ball bearings and engulfs my pulsing member as is delivers its message to her tonsils. 

We collapse to the bed without a word and just hold each other.  Eventually conversation strikes and we do chat it up for a bit.  Conversation gets tracking towards real life and she tells me her story.  I respond in kind.  It is pretty clear though that she needs to get back to her life.  So we gather the strewn clothing and cover ourselves.  She calls a cab and we smoke a cigarette.  Maybe 10 minutes later a horn blares and she is off.

Never did get her name...