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Okay, I'll kick off this series of stories.  This should be an ongoing series, unless someone here takes objection to it.  I will attempt to contact the lady in the story in advance, but that is not always possible so sometimes the name/names shall be omitted to protect my favored client status. 

Okay, let's start with the escort who loved me.  Seems as good of a place as any to begin...

It was a day like any other.  Took care of 3S and headed off to work.  Logged in, clocked in, got a cup of coffee.  I am typically the first one in, so I have an hour or so to piss off in the morning while I get caffeinated. I peruse the BP (sorry, but that was the main ad site where this story takes place).  Notice a PYT has already got an ad up.  So I initiate conversation and end up with a nooner appointment.  All indications this is gonna be a great day.

Work progresses, yes I do actually do work sometimes.  It is a great way to pass time between sessions.  Lunch rolls around and I tear out like my hair is on fire to the ATM to grab the necessities to secure the deal.  I take a 15min drive to the location, which in this case is residential.  I chill in the car and inquire to make sure I am at the right location and also if lady L is ready to embark on our adventure.  Green light pings back to my mobile companion letting me know it is safe to enter.  Spidey sense is high as this is a TOFTT.  She has no reviews, history, phone record, or comments on the local monger board to indicate WTF I am getting myself into.

I am greeted at the door of a basic single level house by the sweetest little southern belle I have ever had a shot at pinning to the mattress.  Score 1 on the TOFTT!  She leads me to her room and is totally adorable in with her southern accent.  Doesn't hurt that she is driving a pair of 6in heals and dressed to impress in a low level stripper outfit.  Again all indicators are go for a fantastic naked play time.

We chat and get comfortable.  Honestly, I am always amazed at the fact that this hobby can be so casual and morph from two strangers to a couple of naked people doing what naked/horny people do at the drop of a dime.  At this point I am naked as the way I entered this world, definitely a bit hairier but you get the idea.  She beckons me to the bed which she is sitting on and takes me in her mouth.  There is no discussion of rain coats or donations, just animal instinct and a bit of lust wafting through the room.  Obviously I am immensely enjoying this wonderful direction that the session is going.  I moan words of encouragement, as if she needs any.  This tiny little belle is putting in work on my rook and it feels fantastic.

Now, obviously at this point I have to make a quick decision.  There is no time to waste.  The silo is primed and she is ramping me up for launch.  WAIT!!! I want more.  So I pry her off my throbbing member.  We fumble for a cover and then embark on a wonderful full service adventure.  Talking the hot, dirty talking, hair pulling, back scratching fun kind of sex.  Honestly could have been happy to deposit anon jr into the bag, but as the moment drew near I looked her dead in her intense blue eyes and told her I wanted her to take me in her mouth.  Her response, "any way you want me darling", was so southern and so adorable I damn near lost it.  Think about baseball, swing all night...

Rapid transition to me kneeling and she is on her knees with her tight ass up in the air.  It only takes a couple of strokes with her mouth and a swirl of her tongue to complete the mission.  Blast off.  Glorious.  Then, as if she was psychic, she slowed her pace an teased under the head of my cock and prolonged my orgasm to the point where I was actually thinking to myself, " damn, I am still cumming?".

(yes, there is more to this story)