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He was nervous. He didnt want to be nervous. He wanted to be calm, cool, and composed when he met Her, but truth was he was nervous. He had a lot to lose if this didnt go well, and a lot to gain if it did. He wanted the meeting to go well. He wanted the meeting to be the beginning of a whole new way of life for himself. He wanted the chance to show Her he was the submissive for Her.  
The bar where he sat nursing an imported beer was dimly lit and not very busy. She had chosen the meeting place. Someplace trendy, but not too crowded, close to where She worked and closer still to the hotel he was staying at for the weekend. Absently he touched his left breast pocket, feeling the hard plastic of the key card for his room. With any luck he would be giving Her the card and following Her into the room very soon.  
You are early, pet. Her soft, low pitched voice washed over him like smooth whiskey. He had heard Her voice numerous times over the telephone in the last 4 months, but hearing it in person, now..God he nearly lost a load right on the bar stool. He had to get a grip on himself. Standing, his eyes to the floor as he had previously been instructed to do, he offered Her his bar stool.  
Please, Maam, will you join me?  
Thank you, Eddie, but lets take a booth. Bring my tea please. She walked away, towards the back of the bar, Her black high heels clicking authoritatively against the hardwood floor. He followed Her, carrying their drinks. Silently he waited as She slipped into the circular booth, demurely tucking the chocolate colored suede skirt that She wore, under Her knees. He could see She wore no stockings. Wonder if Shes not wearing panties, too. The thought rushed through his mind so quickly! Emotion poured through him. He was simultaneously turned on and ashamed by the impure thought, knowing instantly that it was wrong to think of Her in that manner. He really had to get himself in check!  
Edward? Is something wrong?She asked softly, then with a perfectly manicured hand She patted the leather seat beside Her. Come, sit with me, please.
Without looking at Her, Eddie set Her drink before Her and his just to the left of Hers. He slid into the booth beside Her, close, but not touching Her and he purposefully kept his eyes on the table, as She had instructed him when they had discussed the plans for their first meeting. Thank you, Maam, for meeting with me. I am honored. He told Her.  
As you should be, pet. This is a big day for you. Are you ready to take the next step? Her voice rippled gently over his nerve endings and he shivered at the effect She had on his system. His heart raced, his blood boiled and his loins.had hit hyper-drive. She waited patiently for his answer.  
Swallowing hard, Eddie replied in what he hoped was a strong, willing voice.Yes Maam, I am ready.  
Her hand stroked along his downturned chin, and She let go of a soft sigh. I have been waiting for this for a long time, pet. I hope you wont disappoint Me.  
He couldnt speak, so mesmerized by the tone of Her voice he was, that he was only able to give a short jerk of his head to indicate that he too did not want to disappoint Her.  
Slowly Her hand traveled over him, inspecting him digitally. He felt Her fingers, feather light, slide over his broad shoulder and down to his bicep where She massaged his upper arm, gauging the muscles and their strength. He threw a football for a living so his muscles were well developed and sinewy. She very nearly purred at the power She felt in his arms and was very pleased. Nice. She said quietly in his ear. Keep your eyes down, pet, as you were instructed. You are doing well.  
He blinked in surprise. How had She known he was thinking of sneaking a look at Her? He wanted so much to feast his eyes on the Woman who had charmed him over the last few months. He was beguiled, bewitched and intoxicated by Her, but not once had he been allowed to see Her. Being Here with Her, breathing in Her subtle cologne, feeling the heat of Her just inches from him, he was ready to throw the submissiveness out the window, toss Her on Her back and take Her like he would have taken any other female he desired. And Eddie Morgan had desired, and bedded, more than his fair share of women.  
But something held him back with this Woman. He couldnt fully understand really why She captivated him so thoroughly, and yet, She did. She had almost from the moment he had read Her first posting to him on the singles website he sometimes trolled. He remembered Her email as if he had read it just this morning.  
when the whisper of my voice...  
sends shivers down your spine...  
then you will truly be Mine 
It had been bold. It had been sensual. It had caught his eye. He had written back immediately telling Her he was not Hers for the taking, that She would answer to him. He was the Master, She would be the prey. Funny, he thought, sitting there, still as a mouse, prey about to be captured.  
She let Her hand move to his chest, working Her fingers over strong pectorals. He marveled at the site of Her touching his shirt; dark, olive hued fingers, perfectly sculpted, stroked pure white Italian cotton pin striping. You left the jacket off, as instructed. Thank you. She nuzzled his neck, keeping just far enough back that he couldn�t see Her with his peripheral vision. Eyes down, no peeking. You will see soon enough.  
Yes, Maam.His voice was a hoarse whisper, all he could muster at this precise moment.  
She toyed with a button that sat just above his monogrammed sterling silver belt buckle. Leaning close to his ear She whispered. Have you altered your trousers to My specifications?  
His mouth went dry, his palms became sweaty and he felt his heart flip like it usually did when he threw a Hail Mary pass and it landed safely in a receivers arms saving the game. Um He tried to clear his throat. I His voice failed him.  
Her hand slipped down his right side and wiggled into his trouser pocket. Locating the seam She pushed against it and was pleased to feel it move freely. Without hesitation, She wrapped Her hand around his manhood and idly stroked him through his briefs. He was rock hard and his briefs were stretched tight over him. Every stroke sent pulses of sensation coursing through his shaft and if She kept it up he was certain he would explode. White cotton I believe?  
God! How did She do that? He sucked in a breath, closing his eyes against the throbbing in his loins. She was killing him. It was that simple. She was bent on slowly driving him out of his mind and She was loving it, his was sure. Maam Im a...  
Shhhhh.I know what you are, pet..and I intend on guiding you to understanding what you are also. She gripped his cock firmly and sat back. Look at me. She commanded.  
The moment had finally come. He was going to see Her for the first time. He knew he didnt really care what She looked like. She could have blue eyes, or green eyes, or brown; She could be a redhead, blonde or bald for all he cared. He just wanted to gaze upon Her and be given the chance to show Her how much he cared for Her and wanted to be in Her service.  
He couldnt move. He sat there in the booth, back against the leather bound seat, eyes still riveted on the polished wood table. A man in command of a winning team, the best quarterback in the business, a man in control of his life and his destiny and yet, he couldnt move. He was filled with anticipation, apprehension and trepidation.  
She seemed to understand his fear. Maintaining Her grip on his cock, She brought Her other hand to his chin, gently raising it, turning him to face Her. Still he kept his eyes turned downward so that She again had to command, Look at me, pet. 
Slowly he raised his eyes, his mind taking in and registering Her ample bosom tucked snuggly in a black lace shirt. The long, flaxen hair that fell lavishly across Her shoulders, the perfectly formed pouty red lips, the delicate and gently sloping nose, the large, crystal clear aquamarine eyes. Eddie Morgan stopped breathing and stared, astonished.  
Hello pet, She purred.....ready?  

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Yeah.... yeah that.     I like that......     reminds me of an encounter that I missed out on this weekend.... maybe next week.

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Intoxicating stuff, Miss Blu.  I'm a tad breathless reading this.  Rawr.

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rose Scarlet Blu
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~*winks mischievously*~

I'm so glad you liked it. I wasn't sure how well this role reversal sort of story, would be received. Never hurts to try something new right? 😘 

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rose Scarlet Blu
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~*laughs low*~

Yes.... Maybe next week! You be sure to tell us how it went ok? 😉 

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I will let you know babe

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