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It’s a blistering winter morning when Jason and his wife Christina make their way through the weather and holiday traffic to do some Christmas shopping at the mall.  The Christmas holiday shopping season is in full stride and the mall is already packed with other Christmas shoppers hoping to find a treasure of Christmas gifts.  Jason, not really enthusiastic to be at the Mall missing the big college football game, chose the path of the lesser of two evils by coming with his wife, Christina, and avoiding her wraith by staying home.  What bothers him the most is if he had two tickets to the college football championship she would NEVER agree to go with him no matter how much he asked.  Things have been this way for some time where she has been in charge and dictated how things would go in their marriage, even in the bedroom.  Their intimacy was dictated by her schedule, no matter what.  This would have been problematic for Jason having to only rely on his wife’s schedule for intimacy but that was not the case as he had been seeing escorts for some time now.  Christina had not the slightest inclination that Jason was unfaithful, while he had given the reigns to his wife to control their lives without much resistance, he used his effort instead to control his hidden exciting and illicit sexual habits from his wife.  He was only actively seeing a couple of escorts, always carefully planned out and during the middle of the workday in order to not arise any suspicion.  As he controlled the finances and the bills for the household he was easily able to quietly siphon off funds to afford his hobby without detection.
After parking the car and briskly walking in the cold, the Mall entrance lay straight ahead of them.  Jason was already trying to plan ways of occupying his time and patience while they do their Christmas shopping.  He knows it’s not all be about finding Christmas gifts for friends and family but rather it’s also a cover for when Christina eventually becoming distracted by all the hoopla and start shopping for herself.  If there was a job that paid well for shopping all day, Christina would move land and sea to get that job. 
The first stop they make is at one of the larger department store chains to the Women’s department, it also happens to be Christina’s favorite.  Jason notices as they are wandering around the racks of woman’s clothing that they are moving slowly towards the Shoe department.  This is the first sign that his wife will eventually break away from the Christmas gift shopping routine and start shopping for herself, she could spend endless hours shopping for shoes.  As they continue moving to Shoes, off in the distance a young woman catches Jason’s attention.  As she comes closer into view wandering around Jason can see that it’s one of his favorite escorts he visits on a semi frequent basis.  He quickly looks away turning towards his wife who is completely distracted with different choices of clothes.  With his wife preoccupied and unaware of his actions, Jason turns back towards the last sighting of the escort to see if she has noticed him.  The escort is gone and nowhere to be seen.  Breathing a sigh of relief, Jason starts to ponder different plans to pitch to Christina to go off on his own searching around the mall in other stores to get out of the general area when he feel his cell phone vibrate in his pocket.  Jason then starts to walk around in the general vicinity of his unsuspecting wife, giving the impression he is shopping and looking about for Christmas gifts as he casually reaches into his pocket for his phone.  He sees that he has a text from the escort.  “Hi Jason, fancying seeing U here”, she writes, “Is that ur SO w/u?”  Panic sets in and Jason glances around looking for the escort, Joann is the name she uses while working.  When the quick search of the vicinity comes up empty he texts her back, “Yes, I didn’t think U saw me”.  She replies “Of course I did.  I saw you turning away.  Don’t U want to C what I’m wearing?  I'm in shoes.”  Jason’s hands begin to perspire.  This is a little too close for comfort but the excitement of seeing Joann and not getting caught is intense.  The Shoe department is too close and his wife may want to join him if he wanders off over there, an alternative plan is needed.  There’s an escalator between the departments heading upstairs to the Home Fashions department that sounds like a solution.   He wanders back around to his wife who moved onto another rack.  “Hun,” Jason says, “I’m going to check up in the Home Fashions area for possible gifts, I’ll be right back.”  “Un-huh” his wife replies barely paying attention to him completely engrossed in women’s clothing.
Jason heads off to the escalator.  At the edge of the Shoe department he catches a glimpse of Joann.  She’s dressed casually in Ugg boots, a warm winter coat and tight black leggings.  Just has he’s entering the escalator she sees him and he subtly points upstairs.  As he rides upwards he sees Joann making her way to the escalator to follow him.  Upstairs Jason slowly walks forward into the Home Fashions department in the bedding area.  He goes further into the department when he sees Joann making her way up to the second floor.  She notices him immediately and walks towards him.  “Hey you”, Joann says, “It’s nice to see you, glad you were able to escape”.  “It’s nice to see you too.” Jason replies looking Joann up and down.  “You like my outfit?” Joann asks and before Jason can respond she turns around and bends over in front of him.  Joann is in between two shelving units and no one else can see what Jason sees.  When she bends over her jacket lifts up exposing her backside and the leggings stretch even further becoming semitransparent revealing a thin little G-String underneath.  Not being able to resist his inner temptations, Jason steps forward to squeeze Joann’s luscious cheeks.  Shocked at being squeezed Joann quickly stands up, turns around embracing him and then softly kissing him.  Forgetting he’s at the mall with his wife, Jason responds to the public affection and kisses her back.  After a few moments Joann pushes Jason away scolding him, “You’re gonna get caught if you don’t watch it, remember your significant other is downstairs.”
“Oh but with those leggings on and seeing your G string like that, I so want you,” responds Jason.  “If you can sneak away for a little bit, meet me in the movie theater at the other end of the Mall,” Joann exclaims, “we’ll have a little fun in there and then I’ll send you on your way.”  “Deal” a smiling Jason responds, “I can tell my wife I’m going to look around the Mall for other Christmas gift ideas and she’ll never know I’m gone, I’ll text you when I leave the store.”  Joann agrees and starts walking towards the Mall entrance riding her fingers across Jason’s chest as she walks by.  He is excited in anticipating the coming events.  As he makes his way down the escalator towards the Women’s department reality sets it.  Is this something he really wants to do here in the Mall and what is he gets caught?  He really didn’t think about the consequences as his penis did all the thinking for him when he saw Joann.  Still apprehensive Jason finds his wife still shopping in the Women’s department with a few clothes in hand to try on.  “Hey,” she says seeing Jason, “Did you find anything upstairs?”  “A few ideas,” he replies, “but nothing concrete yet.  I was thinking of looking around the Mall for a few other ideas.  Would you mind if I split for a little bit?
“And leave me here all by myself??  I thought we could spend some time together shopping for Christmas gifts?”  Christina responds, with a hint of disappointment in her voice.  “Well, some of the ideas concern gifts for you.” a nervous Jason responds hoping his wife will take the bait and let me wander on his own without raising suspicion, “And I figured you eventually would head over to the Shoe department and look around.”  Upon hearing the words “Shoe department” Christina’s eyes gloss over and the edges of your mouth turn slightly upward at the thought of the deals she could find.  Her subtle smile is unnoticeable to most with the exception of her husband who can see she has taken the bait.  “Yeah you’re right, once I go over to Shoes I’ll be there a while and I don’t need you looking over my shoulder wanting to leave,” Christina responds, “And you better find something good for me, “ she adds as Jason is turning on his heels and heading towards the entrance to the Mall.
Once out of sight of his wife Jason texts a message to Joann saying that he’s free.  Jason enters the Mall and starts looking around at the stores along his path.  The movie theater is at the other end of the Mall which gives his some reassurance that he’ll be some distance away from his wife at the other end and less likely to get caught walking out of the theater.  Joann texts back saying, “Cool, I’m here at the theater entrance.  Meet me here.”  Jason responds back and heads towards the theaters.  When he arrives she is waiting for him in the corner of the entrance away from the main Mall walkway.  They greet each other and look at the movies currently showing.  There’s one movie that’s scheduled to start in about 20 minutes that has been out in theaters for quite some time, some romantic comedy, but it doesn’t matter, Jason and Joann are looking for a movie where few patrons would be buying tickets for.  Jason pays cash for their tickets and tells Joann he’ll meet her inside the theater 20 minutes after the movie starts.  They depart ways and Jason strolls around the stores around the movie theater getting an idea of which stores he can tell his wife he went browsing around in.  The 40 minute wait to meet in the theater seems to last for an eternity.  Jason keeps look at his cell phone for messages not only from Joann but also from Christina, hoping she’s not texting him about his location. 
As the time draws near to when they would meet, Jason heads to the theater to where the picture is showing to get a look at the location and how many patrons are inside.  The movie is already underway when Jason arrives, it takes a few moments for his eyes to adjust.  Once they do he quickly moves up the aisle of seats to find a place to sit in the back.  As it turns out the theater is nearly empty with two couples sitting towards the front of the theater.  It’s a good sign that he and Joann won’t be disturbed.  Jason texts Joann telling her he is in the back of the theater awaiting her and she texts him back indicating she is on her way.  Some moments go by and he sees someone entering the theater, it’s Joann.  He raises his hand hoping she’ll see him and upon doing so, she starts walking up the aisle heading towards him.  She sits in the seat next to him and without waiting any further Jason kisses her.  She responds and they passionately kiss each other for several moments. 
Once they pull away from each other, they are smiling.  Jason then whispers in Joann’s ear, “I missed you baby,” then begins to bite at her neck and lower ear.  He can feel Joann breathe in excitement as she reaches down and rubs his cock.  Jason then looks back at Joann in excitement and then towards the front of the movie theater to see if the other patrons are looking back at them.  As he does so, Joann starts tugging at his belt to unfastening his pants.  Once unfastened and opened she pulls out Jason’s cock and then bending over takes him in her mouth.  He almost moans out loud but quickly catches himself so as to not attract any attention.  Her mouth is warm and delicious as she’s slides up and down his shaft.  Jason can’t believe his luck at receiving a blow job in a movie theater, his wife Christina would never agree to do something like this, even before they were married.  After some moments he pulls her up off his cock and begins to kiss her once again.  This time it’s his turn to rub her as his hands make their way between her legs.  He can feel her inner heat being released as he rubs between her legs.  As her hips begin to move in a circular motion to compliment him rubbing her, Jason slides his hand underneath Joann’s leggings and pushing her G String aside.  Her vulva is soaking wet as she pulls on the back of his hair whispering in his ear.  “Fuck me,” is all she says.  Between the last row where they are sitting and the back wall there is an aisle.  They quietly get up from their seats and head to that back aisle.  Joann then slides down her leggings and G string down to her thighs exposing herself and then getting on her hands and knees on the floor awaiting to be mounted.  Jason, rubbing on his saliva covered cock moves over Joann to straddle her.  He again looks over at the front of the theater to see that the other patrons aren’t looking around and as the coast is clear then moves down sliding his cock inside an awaiting Joann.  He moves inside her effortlessly as she is thoroughly wet with ecstasy.  It takes all his effort not to moan out loud as he fucks Joann in the back of the theater.  The fact that he’s doing this in public like this with his wife at the other end of the mall is all too exciting and adding to the excitement of the moment.  As he continues to pound her on the floor he can feel his orgasm building in strength.  Before he is overcome by it he pulls his cock out of Joann who takes this as a cue that he is about to come.  Jason stands up and cups his hand in front of his cock to catch all of his come when Joann, moves up to pull up her leggings, gets on her knees, and pushes Jason’s hand away just in time to take in him her mouth.  Jason explodes with his orgasm in her mouth and down her throat.  He starts to convulse as he finishes coming inside her mouth.
When he is finished and becomes too sensitive too touch, she releases him and he stuffs his cock back in his pants and helps her up.  They once again move back to their seats, no one is the wiser of what they have done except for them.
Jason motions for them to leave and Joann gets up and leaves first with Jason following a few short moments afterwards.  Once outside the theater and in the hallway Joann hugs him.  She pulls away telling him that was exciting.  He agrees and the two make their way to the front of the theater to the mall entrance walking hand in hand with one another.  “We’ve had our fun and now I’m sending you on your way back, “Joann sweetly says to Jason near the front of the entrance to the Mall.  Jason then moves close to her and quietly says, “I can get you some consideration for this session,” but Joann quickly cuts him off.  Thinking he said something wrong to her he is quiet until she responds.  “This is my civie life, I’m not working today.  Promise me you’ll make it up to me?” she asks.  “Of course,” he exclaims, “I’ll text you next week about my schedule and the timing on our next meeting.”  She smiles back at him and softly kisses him on the mouth and heads out into the mall entrance first.  Jason waits a few minutes and then quietly sneaks back into the mall behind a large group.  He looks at his phone, deleting his texts from Joann.  Christina has not even texted him, she’s probably knee deep in the Shoe department.
Upon walking back to the other end of the Mall to the department store he left Christina, Jason decides not to text her to find her location in a challenge to see if he can find her.  Sure enough he eventually finds her in the Shoe department.  She has several filled shopping bags around her from purchases in other departments and a dozen shoe boxes around her from shoes she has tried on.  “Hey,” he says to his wife as he walks up to her.  She looks up at him, a little tired and warn out.  “Hey” she quietly mutters back, “It seems like I’ve been here forever, I’m tired.”  “Well that’s why I’m here ma’am, to carry your purchases and bring you some relief.  Care for a little pick me up, there’s a coffee house right outside the store inside the Mall?”  “Absolutely, lead the way, James” Christina sarcastically responds.  Jason hugs his wife and grabs her bags and they head off for coffee, relieved she has no idea what he’s been up to.

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Nice story.  But I have never seen a movie theater with an aisle at the back.  Never having done anything in a movie theater, I want to know how people actually do it there.  I imagine it is less comfortable in those bucket seats lol....

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Thank you for comments.  Like yourself, I also have never done anything in a movie theater so I cannot speak to participating in the act in that environment.  The starting point I used in writing this tale looked at the issue of what a hobbyist would do if they ran into a provider they frequent in their civie life while with their significant other.  My imagination took off from there. 
If you’re looking for an example of how a scene like this plays out in a movie theater, I believe there was a scene like this depicted in a movie some years ago.  In the 2002 film “Unfaithful” starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere, I think there is a quick scene where Diane Lane’s character meets her lover in a movie theater.  I think the DVD or Blue Ray version, however, may elaborate more on the theater scene in the “Deleted Scenes” extras.  

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I have real life scenes written for erotic encounters in adult movie theaters (Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose, Florida, New York).  The thrill, how to get away with public sex and not get caught.  Zoe Zane

Very impressed with your writing.  Great job!

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Thank you for your comments.  This tale is completely fictional and not based off an actual session or encounter with a provider.  I started off with looking at the question of what a hobbyist might do if they saw a favorite provider out in public in their regular life while with their significant other and the creative process evolved from there to the finished product.  That being said, if you have a written encounter of an actual scenario that took place in a public environment I’m sure the group of individuals within this community who visit this forum looking for excitement, inspiration or what not would be most appreciative if you were to share and post such realistic tales.    
Just a thought.

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Loved it! Great read.

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Great story! I'm new to this hobby, but I already imagine similar scenarios about running into providers in the store or at the gym. The idea of a spontaneous encounter with my favorite provider where no money is exchanged,  just uncontrollable mutual lust is my #1 fantasy! A close 2nd would be having sex with a legitimate massage therapist (a smoking hot on of course) that just has to have me!  Neither of these has happened yet,  but I'm still hopeful... 

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Good story.  I once convinced my girlfriend to wear a remote controlled vibrator into a movie.  It was one of those egg shaped ones that fit inside the vagina.  Once the movie started and there was sufficient noise to mask the noise from the vibrator...I activated it with my remote control and had fun watching her facial expressions as I manipulated the speed and type of vibration.  After a while I ran my hand up her leg (she wore a dress and no panties) and played with her clit while she came several times.  I think the theatre workers guessed we were up to something as they kept coming in to the theatre and looking up in our direction.  But we were too subtle and they never said anything.  When we got back to our hotel she was all over me and we had some of the most amazing sex ever.