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tophat gack
Since: Aug '15
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The fu*king government has censored the adult sections of Back Page.  As if what they do in real time isn't 100 times worse!

RedBook, Backpage, what's next?  Bastards!


tophat Heywood69
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tophat Arizonadesert
Since: Jul '16
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Go to backpage , services, massage. Ladies on there!

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rose Amber_Amor
Since: Sep '16
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Girls post under dating women for men now

tophat gack
Since: Aug '15
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Thanks for the info, hope these links last. Sparse postings at this time, hope our alumni get clued in to these venues along with Night Shift.

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rose BuxomBeautyFBSM
Since: Nov '15
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Are they flagged every half hr though?

rose Luxury
Since: Aug '15
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Not surprised at all my girls in the adult business are talking about it on Instagram it's bad for everybody.

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rose Rachellmay69
Since: Aug '14
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Nightshift will probably be next since girls were blasting their reviews and the NS name all over Backpage. I'm sure NS is is on the radar now! Unfortunately this is going to set us ladies back as there is not as much people who know about NS.

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tophat maverick/goose
Since: Aug '15
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I'm sure gentlemen will find their way here to NS. I also believe more ladies will find their way here as well. Let us hope that NS will continue to move forward becoming better and better.
There may be a bit of a lull but it shall pick up again.
Cheers and positive thoughts!

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rose HotMammaMayAye
Since: Nov '14
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Yep that's where I posted. And in the dating women seeking men but it's still real slow business wise. Thank goodness for regulars. 
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tophat Cicero69
Since: Jan '17
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BP went down not because of you ladies but due to the owners accepting under age and slavery ads, then cleaning them up and posting. That was the trigger issue. If NS stays cool, then it remains under the radar. Remember Congress is filled with aholes that abuse their power on staff members and pages, then go after targets to make themselves feel morally superior 

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tophat romolotti
Since: Dec '15
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I hobby in the Central Valley, SF, Sacramento, and occasionally on the Central Coast.  I predict that this will cause more than a few low volume providers to go out of business.

 I've been reaching out to my non NS favorites to get them to post ads here and two change their number constantly, so both of us are fucked if they don't reach out to me.

Most providers won't send unsolicited texts, but this might cause some girls to take desperate measures. Especially if they're trying to feed their kids.  Wondering if more providers will end up at the Spearmint Rhino offering private dances off site.

tophat 2smooth
Since: Nov '14
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Predicted this back in Oct:

It isn't censored... the CEO is just covering his ass.

They were cleared of charges last month under the first ammendment:

The judgement states that the matter is for Congress to decide. And now they are facing a Senate sub-committee who is obviously out for blood. Yesterday they pled the fifth:

They shuttered the site, not because of censorship, but likely to reduce whatever  amount of complacency they may be involved in...

tophat ftchildr
Since: Oct '14
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Backpage was a U.S. Website and NS is pretty much a California site.
BackPage was being attacked from numerous states at the same time.

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rose rachelwest
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I heard that NS is completely offshore, including its computers.  RB was organized offshore, but its computers were in a condo in Mountain View, CA, according to the news reports I read.
Doesn't this safer offshore strategy for NS mean that government officials can NOT take down NS (as they did with RB)?