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tophat  slb
Since: Aug-2015
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tophat  rascal49
Since: Nov-2014
pushpin 85 - 14 Reviews

Yes, her pics are accurate and good service. Stays in nice incalls.

tophat  stephensurh1985
Since: Jun-2015
pushpin 19 - 4 Reviews

Pics are a little over flattering. She's not a mild, she's an older lady. Service is ok but attitude is aggravating. I wont repeat.

tophat  thunderlips
Since: Mar-2015
pushpin 16 - 11 Reviews

She's the real deal, straightforward, pics are accurate, and she likes sex. Gusher too, if you like that (I do).

tophat  Jimmmyman1979
Since: Jul-2016
pushpin 3 - 1 Review

I have to add to this. She completely flaked on me. 
I drove out to her apt place and when I was outside she didn't pick up her phone - said it died. Then she texts back and says she has other arrangements?
i don't ever like to write negative things but come on!! Why schedule something when you have supposed "arrangements" already planned?
im probably better off that I didn't spend the $300/hr on her. But I will prob never know as I will not be calling her again after that. 

tophat  epa_savant
Since: Feb-2016
pushpin 6

I thought it was just me. 
She told me to call her 90 minutes before the scheduled appointment time, and when I did she had some story about her dog's being sick and how she couldn't see me that day.
I thought she was just having cold feet or something but if she has a history of flaking, that needs to be put out there too.

tophat  Funforme222
Since: Nov-2014
pushpin 36 - Qr 47 Reviews

I saw her a half dozen times when she was in San Ramon. She never flaked on me. Was always professional, and gave me great GFE sessions. Sorry to hear she flaked on others. I do recommend her for an older milf who loves sex. 420 friendly too.

tophat  Gboyle
Since: Mar-2015
pushpin 71

I met autumn a couple of years back. Maybe she was just getting started but she was super. First time was at a holiday inn in SF that required a key to get to the right floor. She met me in the lobby and we rode up with other guests. She made me feel like an old friend right away and we even forgot to press the right floor. Enjoys herself and I made it a point to make sure she had a happy ending which was returned several times over. I'd repeat but her pricing has increased substantially and my budget hasnt kept up. Go see her if you have a chance. You'll enjoy every minute.