Forum Rules

The NightShift Message Board is intended for productive discussions about adult entertainment. Please help us keep the site positive by observing the following guidelines:
  1. Do not post explicit detailed commentary in your mini reviews, lasers and tofft's. Juicy details should be posted in a review in our Reviews section.
  2. No SPAM, or cheesy advertising.
  3. External advertisements are not allowed in the forums except for the services forum. To inquire about additional advertising options, you can contact us at [email protected]
  4. Do not post redundant messages to multiple forums. Everyone has visibility of all threads. Just post to the most appropriate one. Redundant posts are subject to removal.
  5. Flames, personal attacks, slurs, threats, hate, inappropriate content, whiny complaints are subject to removal.
        a. Posting of supposed real names, addresses, or full phone numbers of private individuals (use format 415-555-12xx) are subject to removal.
        b. Posts which incite drama, whines about / admins / moderators / other NS members, off topic replies, or threads that have run amuck are subject to removal or locking.
        c. Do not post private inboxes, email, text messages, or voicemail without permission from the sender. Keep your private interactions private.
         The no posting of personal information comes out of respect and protection of people's privacy.
  6. This is NOT a free speech board. Posts may be deleted or locked at the sole discretion of moderators and administrators. While we do believe in the principle of free speech, we do not believe it is our obligation to fund the bandwidth for the world's opinions.
  7. Posts about why posts are deleted are subject to removal.
  8. Message threads are automatically locked when they hit 25 posts (total of visible and deleted) and/or manually locked when discussion is not productive. This is to keep the thread size reasonable.
  9. Innocent replies to deleted messages are usually removed to prevent "dangling" threads.
  10. Posts claiming that someone else has (or may have given you) an STD or uses illegal drugs or has committed a felony are not permitted unless you have positive documentation (test results, photographic proof, self confession).
  11. Providers are allowed to post one active pic thread in the lounge at one time and post all of their pics in that one thread until it locks.
  12. Only the provider is allowed to post her own pics in their own pic threads in the lounges. Others may repost them in reply but only within the same thread and only the same pics the provider posted.
  13. Hobbyists can post providers' pics in the hobbyists forums.
  14. Do not post any material on the Site that in any way constitutes or assists in human trafficking.
  15. Do not post any material on the Site that exploits minors in any way.
       Any post exploiting a minor in any way will be subject to criminal prosecution and will be reported to the Cybertipline for law enforcement.
  16. Do not post, display, or advertise any image using a model or models under the age of 18 years anywhere on the site whether the models are clothed or unclothed.
  17. Do not post content and words such as "Kids", "Lolita", "Pedo", "Peta", "Peto", Pre-teen", "Pedophile", "Underage", "Child" or any other words, images, or descriptions that would lead someone to believe that the models are less than 18 years of age.
  18. The posting or display of any image or wording depicting or related to extreme violence, incest, snuff, scat or the elimination of any bodily waste on another person, mutilation, or rape anywhere on the site in a sexual or erotic manner is not permitted.
  19. The posting or display of any image or wording depicting or related to bestiality anywhere on the site is not permitted.
  20. The posting or display of any image or wording related to any website running, participating, or advertising acts allowing the consumer to bet or gamble on an uncertain outcome, or to play a game of chance for stakes is not permitted.
  21. The posting or display of genitalia is not allowed.
  22. The posting of items or services for trade are not allowed, except in the VIP Barter Forum.
  23. The posting of VIP content (e.g. review details, vip forum posts, etc) to non-VIP members and forums is not allowed. Please respect your fellow VIP members and support the community by signing up for VIP if you want access to our VIP content.
  24. Multiple usernames are not allowed on NS. We will remove and suspend a user if we discover multiple handles.
  25. Creating handles that mimic another user's existing handle or to deceive the community is not allowed.
  26. Miscellaneous offenses that may result in full or partial banning or username deletion.
        a. Repetitive guideline violations and/or disruptive posting as evidenced by multiple valid alerts.
        b. Stalking a poster by following and replying to their posts.
        c. Harrassing a poster with repetitive commentary, accusations, or wise-ass remarks - does not matter if you have "proof" that your comments are true, take your drama offline.
        d. Excessive off-topic or whiny posts, even though they may not violate any specific guideline. Whine to your parents, your kids, or your neighbors.
If you see a message which violates any of these posting guidelines, please flag the posting and our moderators will take care of it.
One or more violations of posting guidelines may result in the deletion of your username or loss of posting priviledges.

Other than those minor details, Welcome to NightShift and ENJOY!

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