This section is being updated as the site evolves. We welcome any contributions or questions our community has to offer.

  • NightShift's Mission
    NS is the premier site dedicated to providing a safe and user-friendly platform to find, review, and connect with quality providers and hobbyist. We strive to build a playful, honest, and safe community for our members.

  • NightShift Blue
    On NS, if you see blue text or blue icons, it usually means that particular item is clickable. Poke around on the site and discover for yourself! Btw, the "NightShift Blue" text above is NOT clickable... ironic isn't it?

  • tophat  Tophat
    When you see a top hat next to a member's name, it means that they have identified themselves as a hobbyist. Most of our members are male hobbyists, but that's not to say we couldn't have female hobbyists too!

  • rose  Roses
    When you see a rose next to a member's name, it means that they are a provider. On NS we only allow female or transsexual female providers. If you are a male provider, we unfortunately do not allow you to advertise on NS. In the future we may create a sister site for male providers. If you would like us to store your contact information, please email us at [email protected]

  • Verifiedbadge  Verified Member
    When you see a check next to a member's name, it means that they are a verified member on NS. Verified members go through ID or background checks and are positive contributing members of the NS community. To apply and learn about the benefits Click Here

  • Advertising
    NS has grown to a substantial size and we have received multiple requests for additional advertising on our site beyond just listings. While we are not selling advertising to 3rd parties at the current moment, please contact [email protected] for inquiries.

  • Gmapsicon Google Maps
    Thanks to the wonderful people at Google, if you see this icon Gmapsicon on our site, you can click it and it will take you to a Google map of the address the icon is next to.

  • Listing Overview
    What does all the information on a Listing mean?

  • Bump Date
    The bump date is the last time the provider bumped their listing to the top of the Listings. If this date is recent, it means that the provider is active on NightShift. Providers are allowed at least one bump every 24hrs.

  •  Available
    Providers can announce that they are available any time during the day, unlimited times a day. The availability light will last for two hours from the moment when a provider states she is available. If you see this light, it's highly likely that they will respond to your message right away!
    *Note: Being available does not bump the listing to the top of the Listings section.

  • Total Views Total Views
    This number is the total number of times the listing has been viewed on NS. The view number is correlated with the listing and not the user. A provider can have multiple listings, but the Total Views for each listing would be independent of each other. This number helps hobbyist gauge how popular a listing is and providers can use this number to see how well each advertisement is performing relative to other listings.

  • Favorites / Hearts
    When you are browsing listings, you can click on blue hearts to save the listing to your favorites. The number next to the heart is the number of members who have saved that particular listing to their favorites. If you have a listing already saved as a favorite, the heart will be filled . My Favorites.

  • Reviewbadge Reviewed
    When you see this badge on a listing, it means the provider has at least one review on NightShift.

  • Premium Listing
    When you see these badges on a listing, it means the provider is a premium provider on NightShift. Check out their listing and see what they have to offer!

  • Review Guidelines
    Click here for Review Guidelines

  • Creating A New Review
    You can create a new review by clicking on the '+ New Review' link at the top right of the navbar on web and inside the hamburger icon on mobile.

  • Verifiedcheck Provider verified
    When you see a green check in a review, it means that the provider who received the review has Verified it. The provider is stating that the reviewer and the review is truthful and accurate.

  • Full Review
    NS has a backend algorithm that calculates when a review is Full or not. If you see a full review tag, give props to the reviewer because they took the time to fill out the entire review and shared valuable information with the community!

  • Qr Quality Reviewer - QR
    NS has some amazing members that contribute valuable information and time to our community. In recognition of their contributions, we have created a way for members to earn QR status. Members who have QR status are granted full access to reviews and can view reviews 2 weeks earlier than the public. This access is similar to what VIP members have; but QR members are not VIP and VIP members are not QR.

    There are two ways to earn two weeks of QR status:
    1. Submit a Full Review and have it approved by our review team.
    2. Have three different qualified members of the community find your review Helpful?
      A qualified member is a user who is active on NS for more than 30 days.

    * Note: there are some restrictions.
    • To be qualified to earn QR status, you must have three full reviews approved and verified by qualified providers.
      A qualified provider is a provider who has been active on NS for more than 30 days and has an active listing.
    • A user can only earn up to 30 days of QR status at a given time.

  • Pending Reviews
    When members submit a review, it is initially set to pending mode. During pending mode only the reviewer, the provider, and NS staff can access and see the review. A review will be processed by our review team and approved before anyone else can see the review.

    Sometimes a correction needs to be made to the review. We allow reviewers to revise their reviews within one month of when the review is submitted. Edits can be initiated by flagging the review. We will set the review to pending mode based on the details of the flag. In pending mode, the reviewer can make edits and upon finishing the edits, we will approve the review again so others will have access to it.

  • Review Disputes
    Sometimes a review will be flagged to dispute a review. Our goal at NS is to ensure, to the best of our ability, that reviews are honest and meet our Review Guidelines. We welcome both positive AND negative reviews. We believe there is value to both types of reviews and it helps our community to have both type of reviews as long as they are truthful!

    What happens next?
    1. Our support team will investigate the flagged review to see if it violates one of our Review Guidelines.
    2. Review disputes must be flagged within 60 days of the review being submitted. We will not investigate any reviews that are more than 60 days old.
    3. Depending on the flag and the evidence/material presented, we will set a review to Under Investigation.
    4. When the review is Under Investigation, pending so only the reviewer and the provider can view the review.
    5. If a decision of whether to keep the review or remove the review can't be made based on the information on hand, the support team will ask the reviewer or provider for more information to help with the investigation. The support team will wait up to 5 days for a response when asking for more detailed information.
    6. If there is clear evidence that a review is false or violates one of our Review Guidelines, we will remove the review.
    7. If there is not clear evidence, we usually error on the side of leaving the review active. This is because we allow providers to respond to a review. Thus, both the reviewer and the provider can tell their side of the story and the community can decide for themselves.
    8. With very controversial reviews, our support team will escalate the review decision to our Review Council for deliberation.

  • Forum Guidelines
    Click here for Forum Guidelines

  • Mod icon md Moderator
    Night Shift moderators have this icon Mod icon md to represent their status. Our moderators have been carefully selected and are here to help grow and manage the community. Please respect them as they are a valuable part of our team and we would not be here without them.